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School based programs

Take a look at some of our current programs happening in schools and early learning centres. Scroll down the page to view each program. For more information about these programs, contact a member of Inspiro's Health Promotion Team.
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Ambassadors Program

 Ambassadors for Gender Equality & Respect
Ambassadors for Gender Equality & Respect' is a youth focused project engaging students from secondary schools in the Yarra Ranges. The program supports young people to become Ambassadors for Gender Equality and Respect by providing training workshops and mentoring to support students to develop their own gender equity change projects in their school. The pilot project, delivered in 2018, also involved a co-design process where the Ambassadors helped to design a 'student voice' toolkit that all secondary schools can use to engage in this topic. See link to resource below.

The 'Ambassadors for Gender Equality & Respect' project has been developed by Inspiro, EDVOS, GenderWorks, Yarra Ranges Council, Cir e Services and Community School, Little Yarra Steiner School, Upper Yarra Secondary College, Eastern Health and Women's Health East. The project was funded by Yarra Ranges Council Community Development Grants.

Take Action for Gender Equality and Respect: A Student Guide
This guide aims to support young people to develop knowledge and skills and take ACTION to create positive change for gender equality in their school and community.  

Download 'Take Action for Gender Equality and Respect: Student Guide' here 

Healthy Choices in Schools
This is a NEW program being run in partnership with Yarra Ranges Council, Eastern Health and the Outer East PCP. We are seeking the opportunity to work with school canteens in the Yarra Ranges to offer this FREE program to increase the availability of healthier food items in schools.

What would it involve?
We are able to review canteen food and drink items and offer a report specific to your school, with alternative products, recipes, ordering forms and cost tracking techniques, to increase the healthiness of foods sold to students and staff. If your school would like to receive further support to make changes to the food environment, we would also welcome the opportunity to offer our expertise and ongoing assistance.

MVIMG_20180516_190126Dinner for Dads
'Dinner for Dads', developed in partnership with Birmingham Primary School, aims to increase the consumption of nutritious foods in families by increasing cooking skills and opportunities for Dads. We can work with schools to provide this 4-week program for Dad's and families. Each week consists of a simple nutrition presentation that feeds into a 'hands on' cooking session on a different theme. This includes:

  • Healthy fast food.
  • Increasing nutrition in everyday meals, how to engage children in cooking and working with fussy eaters.
  • Healthy eating on a budget.
  • Slow cooking for ease, flavour, nutrition and cost.

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Free Ranges Kids
Working in partnership with Yarra Ranges Council, Inspiro has been delivering the 'Free Ranges Kids' program in primary schools in 2018. 'Free Ranges Kids' is a simple, free program for schools that encourages children to walk to and from school. There are suggested drop off points around each school, and students are given a detailed map to use and take home to their parents. Children don't have to walk all they way, just as far as they are able. The program is a class-based activity and students can earn points each time they walk. Children can walk with an adult or independently.

Smiles 4 Miles
Smiles 4 MilesDeveloped by Dental Health Services Victoria, the 'Smiles 4 Miles' program is a free initiative, offered by Inspiro, for early childhood services to improve the oral health of pre-school aged children and their families. The program utilises a wide range of approaches to engage children, their families, educators, staff management and the broader community to improve children's health and hygiene.

The program involves:

  • Children complete an early childhood survey.
  • Educators participate in a training session.
  • Inspiro develops or reviews a healthy eating and oral health policy.
  • Promotion of the 'Drink Well, Eat Well, Clean Well' key messages via activities.
  • Engage families around the key messages and provide information.

Switched on Kids and ScreenagersPoster example (2)
In 2018, Inspiro has stepped into the cyber safety space, due to the identified need from schools and parents for assisting students with these important topics.

Inspiro has been supporting both primary and secondary schools with parent/guardian evenings, where both the 'Screenagers' film and guest speakers have provided vital information for supporting young people in the digital world.

Inspiro has also been engaging primary school aged children in the classroom, assisting them to creatively express messages they have learnt about the online world.