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Healthy Picks is an exciting initiative which works with cafés in Mooroolbark to make healthy food selection the easy choice by improving access and knowledge through visual and social media strategies.

A key component of the program is to promote the participation of cafés, which provide an ideal environment in which our health can be positively impacted.

The program is led by Inspiro, a non-profit community health service for the Yarra Ranges community.

Inspiro is working on the initiative in partnership with Yarra Ranges Council and the Mooroolbark Traders Group, in an aim to address the increase in people with obesity and diabetes in the Yarra Ranges..

Did you know that there was a 180% rise in number of people with diabetes in the Yarra Ranges between 2001 and 2011? And that.

People in the Yarra Ranges consume a significantly higher than average amount of sugary beverages.

  • 91.2% of people in the Yarra Ranges are getting less than the recommended serves of vegetables per day.
  • Only 4.7% of people in the Yarra Ranges are consuming the recommended serves of fruit and vegetables every day.
  • Overweight and obesity issues are higher in the Yarra Ranges than the state average, with overweight representing 39.3% of the population in the Yarra Ranges.

    Surveys of over 200 Mooroolbark locals showed clear community demand for healthy meal options that tie in with a growing café culture and the prevalence of eating out.

    As more people choose to dine out, cafés have a unique opportunity to positively influence people’s eating habits.

    As accessibility and visibility of healthy menu items grows, making a healthy decision will be easier, which may assist in addressing serious health issues within our community.

To meet Healthy Picks criteria, participating cafés must produce a minimum of three dietetically approved meals that contain at least two serves of vegetables, and are low in salt, sugar and saturated fat.

Visual indication for the customer of such items will come from a green Healthy Picks sticker or special menu display at the counter or table. Healthy Picks meals are not to be at the expense of flavour—the intention is to create delicious, seasonal, vibrant, colourful and textural dishes that assist in working towards our daily nutritional goals.  

A range of Healthy Picks-approved desserts is in the planning stages too!

The Healthy Picks Project is expected to launch in late October 2016. So far, initial agreements have been made with Pump Café, Coffee for Me, Café Rondine, Langfords Patisserie and Bricey's Café & Deli.

Let’s support these businesses who are working with us for a healthier Mooroolbark! Keep an eye out on social media for participating businesses, upcoming rewards, competitions and healthy eating tips.  Eat well and be happy! 

Toby health

Inspiro's population health team delivers health promotion projects to prevent disease and injury from occurring in the first place.


  • promoting accessible and nutritious food; and
  • promoting mental health and wellbeing

Current projects include You&I, targeting Yarra Ranges’ youth to break gender stereotypes and raise awareness of respectful relationships and Buy Local Eat Seasonal, encouraging the community to buy produce at its freshest in the Yarra Ranges.

The YOU&I initiative is a local program in the Yarra Ranges that aims to prevent violence against women by sharing positive messages of gender equality and respectful relationships among young people. YOU&I has worked with secondary schools, community organisations, football clubs and leagues to implement social marketing and education sessions around equal and respectful relationships among young people.

 The website  provides information for secondary school aged young people about the topic and links to support services and other fantastic web resources. The YOU&I initiative is led by Inspiro and Eastern Health, and is supported by Yarra Ranges Council and Women’s Health East.

Buy Local Eat Seasonal Brochure

Buy Local Eat SeasonalIt is now even easier for Yarra Ranges’ residents to buy locally grown, seasonal produce by viewing Inspiro's Buy Local Eat Seasonal brochure. The free resource will help the region’s residents and visitors learn more about Yarra Ranges’ world class fresh produce.

The Buy Local Eat Seasonal brochure brings together Yarra Ranges’ U Picks, Farm Gates and a list of what is in season in one handy directory.

The brochure allows users to have all the information they need, including a map and a seasonal list of the freshest produce available and where to buy it from, all within the Yarra Ranges.

Locally grown fruit and vegetables are not only fresh and healthy, but involve significantly less transportation which can lead to reduced packaging, costs and carbon emissions. Buying local produce also support local business and our local growers.

Click here to download the Buy Local Eat Seasonal Brochure - for viewing

Click here to download the Buy Local Eat Seasonal Brochure - for printing


Shop Well Eat Well

The Inspiro Shop Well Eat Well card has been developed by Inspiro Dieticians to provide a handy reference guide to purchase healthy foods.  Download it below or visit Inspiro to receive a printed copy.  

Click here to download the Shop Well Eat Well card