Private Services at Inspiro

Inspiro offers services available to book privately, meaning that you can access our professionals at your convenience, with flexible times, no waitlist and at a low cost

We provide professional, quality and affordable care. If you have private health insurance, we can efficiently and easily process your claims on the spot using HICAPS. 

Services currently available to book privately include:

Podiatry  Podiatry 
Our Podiatrists help with problems with your lower leg or foot. If you have arthritis, diabetes, corns, calluses or numbness we can help. We can also check for walking patters, prescribe orthoses (supports fitted in to the shoe) and provide advice on suitable footwear.  Visit our Podiatry page  for more info.
Available for appointments as:       Private            GP Care Plan              Care Package                DVA

Physiotherapy Physiotherapy 
Our Physiotherapists can help with a wide variety of mobility, muscle or joint problems. If you have difficulty walking or concerns with balance or can’t get rid of that nagging back pain, physiotherapy is ideal.  Visit our Physiotherapy page  for more info or click here for info about private physiotherapy services.
Available for appointments as:       Private            GP Care Plan              Care Package                DVA

Our Accredited Practising Dietitians have skills to translate scientific information about nuturition into practical advice about what to eat. Our Dietitians can accesss Medical Nutrition Therapy for diabetes, heart health, weight loss and body composition /Body fat %.  Visit our Dietetics page for more info.
Available for appointments as:       Private            GP Care Plan              Care Package                DVA

Our Psychologist can provide counselling and treatment of adults across the full range of mental health. We provide individual, relationship and family counselling. Evidence based therapies used. Bulk billing for clients with a MHCP and concession card and low cost minimal gap fees available. Visit our Counselling page 
Available for appointments as:       Private            Mental Health Care Plan              Care Package                DVA

Diabetes-Ed Diabetes Education 
Our Diabetes Educators provide early intervention, education and support to people who have been diagnosed or are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  Visit our Diabetes education page for more info.
Available for appointments as:       Private            GP Care Plan              Care Package                DVA  

Advantages of using our private bookings service:

  • No waitlist
  • Flexible times
  • Access our professionals directly
  • Claim your private health insurance refunds on the spot
  • Private health insurance not necessary for appointments
  • Referrals not necessary for appointments (unless with MBS or Care Plan)

Meet our professionals


Tracey Tracey Higgins, Accredited Practising Dietitian
Tracey has 13 years’ experience in Community Health and Private Practice.  Areas of practice include: diabetes; heart health; weight management; sports nutrition; fussy eating; food intolerance; eating disorders; malnutrition, healthy eating, lifestyle and fitness advice.  

Tracey has a passion for group workshops and conducted many of these including cooking demonstrations, general health eating, food modelling for young families, mindful eating, no more diets and healthy lifestyles.  

Louisa Louisa Cleland, Registered Psychologist
Louisa has over 15 years experience counselling and treating adults across the full range of mental health. Registered with AHPRA Psychology Board of Australia and an Assoc. Member of the Australian Psychological Society. Louisa has experience across chronic disease, community mental health, employee assistance, vocational rehabilitation and most recently community health settings. Louisa works with adults providing individual, relationship and family counselling. Her focus is on promoting insight and understanding, amidst the vast range of issues that life presents.

 Jane Warren, Podiatrist
Here is some information about Jane Warren our Podiatrist.  More information to be supplied and updated. 

Fees can be found in the 'Inspiro Fees' download below.
Inspiro fees
Call us on 9028 0153 to book.

About Inspiro

Inspiro is a local health service that provides dental, dietetics / nutrition, podiatry, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, diabetes education, counselling, exercise physiology, social and family support services from our Lilydale, Belgrave and Healesville clinics and various community venues. 

We have dentists to look at your teeth, health professionals to help get you moving and active, health services for children and older people, support if you are living with ongoing illness, podiatrists to look at your feet, someone to talk to about your mental health, and many other services to help you reach your own health goals.

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INSPIRO LILYDALE: 17 Clarke St, Lilydale

INSPIRO BELGRAVE:  1616-1624 Burwood Highway, Belgrave

INSPIRO HEALESVILLE: 333 Maroondah Hwy, Healesville

Call us on 03 9028 0153