Inspiro's Physiotherapy clinics are located in Lilydale, Belgrave and Healesville. 

Call: 03 9028 0153


All Australians can feel healthier and benefit from a caring physiotherapist. Physiotherapy restores and improves a person's ability to move and function through rehabilitation. 


5 Reasons to choose Inspiro Physiotherapy 

1. Free phone consultation with our intake team

Call us on 9028 0153 and our experienced intake team will explain our services and help you find the best match for your situation.

2. Easy access - we have multiple locations

Choose from Lilydale. Belgrave or Healesville. We also have free parking right next to all sites.

3. University qualified physiotherapists with experience

Our physiotherapists are university qualified and have many years experience

4. Groups, programs and healthy recipes

See below and our blog for a range of group physiotherapy sessions,, healthy recipe's and workshops

5. Affordable pricing

We are a not for profit organisation, so our pricing is affordable and in most cases lower than competitors. 


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If you have difficulty walking or concerns with balance or can't get rid of that nagging back pain, physiotherapy is ideal for helping a wide variety of mobility, muscle or joint problems. 

Our physiotherapists will assess your condition and develop an appropriate management plan with you. This may include education, self management techniques, home exercises or a referral to one of the groups listed below. Inspiro physiotherapists can also see young people who have any mobility, muscle or joint problems. 



Groups and programs


Individual water therapy for specific health goals, such as managing pain. Call 9028 0153.


Water exercise

A weekly gentle exercise group held at Lilydale Squash and Fitness Centre. Call 9028 0153.

Water Exercise

Hip Health Knee Knowledge

An education and exercise group for people suffering from hip and/or knee arthritis.
(PLEASE NOTE: This class is no longer running. To find out when we have similar class available click here).

Hip Health Knee Knowledge - Brochure

Older but Stronger

Supervised gym circuit classes for people over 60 years of age at various gyms across the Yarra Ranges.

Older but Stronger - Brochure

Steady as You Go

A 12 week falls and balance therapy group for positive and healthy living. This exercise class will help improve your strength, balance and general fitness.. Run at Lilydale Court House.

Steady as You Go - Brochure

Staying steady

For positive and healthy ageing. This exercise class runs for about 10 weeks and can help improve your strength, balance and general fitness.

Staying Steady - Brochure




Fees can be found in the 'Inspiro Fees' download below.

Inspiro fees


Call us on 9028 0153 to book.

This service is supported by funding by from the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments.

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