Inspiro offers drug and alcohol counselling to those facing addiction and for their families. 

This service is offered at Inspiro Lilydale, Inspiro Belgrave and Inspiro Healesville. To make an appointment for drug and alcohol counselling at any of Inspiro’s sites, ring Substance Use Recovery Eastern (SURE) on 1300 00 7873. For our stop smoking service call us direct on 9028 0153.

Smoking, alcohol and drug related groups and programs

Stop Smoking Service

Inspiro's Stop Smoking service is a service to support you to quit smoking. Learn about nicotine replacement and strategies that will increase your chance of success. View the flyer: 


For more information on what we do in our stop smoking service and how we can help you quit. click here:

Needle Syringe Program (NSP)

A free needle and disposal service operates from our Clarke St, Lilydale site from 8.30am  - 5pm Monday to Friday. 

The NSP provides people who inject drugs with:

  • Access to free needle and syringe packs
  • Safe disposal of used equipment

The program is designed to reduce harm and minimise the health risks associated with injecting. This creates a safe and healthier community for everyone.

The Community Health Outreach Program Eastern Region (CHOPER) provides a free outreach mobile Needle and Syringe Service.

The CHOPER team can be called on 0414 266 203 between 7.30-11.30pm every night of the year and will deliver clean injecting equipment.
PH: 0414 266 203

How much does drug and alcohol counselling cost?

Drug and alcohol counselling at Inspiro is free of charge

How much does Inspiro's stop smoking program cost?

There is a $20 fee for this service 

How do I make an appointment to see a drug and alcohol counsellor?

All Drug and Alcohol referrals go through a central number run by the Substance Use Recovery Eastern consortia (SURE). Inspiro is a member of SURE. To make an appointment, ring SURE on 1300 00 7873.

How do I start Inspiro's Stop Smoking program?

Appointments to Stop Smoking can be made by calling Inspiro on 9028 0153.

More information about alcohol and drug counselling and support groups at Inspiro

This service is supported by funding by from the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments.