Inspiro's dental clinic is located in Lilydale (dental is coming to Belgrave and Healesville). Call: 03 9028 0153

Our dental clinic offers quality, affordable dental care for the whole family. Help keep your family's teeth healthy and happy with high quality, affordable dental care from Inspiro. We offer a 10% discount off our private dental services for seniors, health care and pensioner concession card holders (not including dentures, crowns and bridges).

Inspiro welcomes everyone, including those with or without health care and pensioner concession cards and private health insurance (we offer on the spot claims).


5 Reasons to choose Inspiro dental 

1. Free phone consultation

Call us on 9028 0153 and we will explain our services and help you find the best match for your situation.

2. Easy access - we have multiple locations

Choose from Lilydale. Belgrave or Healesville. We also have free parking right next to all sites.

3. Higher standards

Our dental department are required to uphold higher clinical standards than regular dentists. We ALWAYS exceed these standards.

4. Free advice and information

See our blog (here) for free dental advice, teeth care advice and answers to the most common dental questions we get asked.

5. Affordable pricing

We are a not for profit organisation, so our pricing is affordable and in most cases lower than competitors.  Dental is free at Inspiro for children under 12.

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Affordable dental care - Inspiro’s dental clinic provides affordable dental care. All children under the age of 12 are free

Giving your child the best chance in life with good dental care matters. Starting your child off with good dental care will help protect their teeth for decades to come. A baby’s 20 primary teeth are already present in the jaws at birth. Those baby teeth that begin coming through the gums around 6 months help set the stage for future smiles by keeping space in the jaw for adult teeth.


Get your families teeth fixed early to avoid spending thousands

It’s much better to see the dentist for a yearly check-up rather than waiting until the time that your neglect has started causing you pain and discomfort (and additional cost). This same principle applies to your children.


High quality dental care matters to us

When it comes to your teeth you don’t want just anybody working on them. Government statistics show that not all dental services provide the same level of quality; Last year Inspiro dental performed well above the state average for dental service benchmarks.

Inspiro has well outperformed the state benchmark and the Eastern metro region benchmark for all dental health clinical indicators (in other words stats show that FAR less of our customers have faulty dentures or ongoing issues etc). See the figures here.

As a result of our affordable rates and highly ranked state benchmarking Inspiro has received a reputation for quality dental services at reasonable prices.


Higher standards than other dental clinics

As a side note we are also required by NSQHS to comply with strict infection control standards (higher standards than normal dental clinics). In addition private health insurance is likely to cover most or all of our standard private dental fees.



  • Emergency care
  • Check-ups, cleaning and preventative care
  • General care
  • Dentures
  • Advice for healthy teeth
  • Referrals to specialist care


  • Pensioner, Concession and Health Care card holders and their dependents
  • All children aged 12 years and under


Pensioner, Concession and Health Care Card holders and their dependents who are:

  • School children
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Registered clients of mental health or disability services


  • Children with Child Dental Benefits Scheme are bulk billed with no out-of-pocket fees
  • Seniors and pensioners receive a 10% discount off private dental services
  • Health Care card holders and their children receive a 10% discount off private dental services
  • Private health insurance members
  • Everyone else. Yes, everyone!


Infection Control

Infection Control is a key element in Dental Services.  To ensure that Inspiro Dental Service provides safe, high quality dental services we have strict policies and procedures in place, particularly in the area of Infection Control. To make sure these policies are followed properly we undertake regular audits of clinical practise and report outcomes to Inspiro’s Quality & Clinical Governance Committee.

Dental for children happyteeth

Visit our happy teeth page to find out more about visiting our dentist!

Children are free. There are no out of pocket expenses for children 12 years and under and children aged 2-17 who are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). This mean parents do not need to make a private health insurance claim in these instances.



Dental Checkup - $54.00
Teeth Scale & Clean - $91.00 (not a teeth check-up)
Check up, clean and x-rays package - $185 

Tooth extraction - starting from $130.00 and up depending on complexity
Teeth Fillings - starting from $106.00
RCT - $900.00 starting for anterior tooth
Crown - $1500.00
Teeth Bleaching - $350.00-$450.00
Mouth sport guard - $350.00
Night guard for grinding teeth - $500.00
Xrays - $38.00 per film
Dentures - $1721

More information about our private dental fees can be found in the document below.

Inspiro private dental fees


How do I book an appointment or ask a question?

Call Inspiro on 9028 0153 or email