Inspiro's Counselling services are located in Lilydale, Belgrave and Healesville.

Call: 03 9028 0153


Inspiro have general, family counselling, drug and alcohol counselling, counselling for anxiety, depression, loss and grief, Peri Natal depression help, counselling for social anxiety and development of social skills, adults with high functioning ASD/Asperger’s, youth counselling, help with eating disorders and more.

Psychology at Inspiro: Medicare rebated psychology services are also available with a registered psychologist, with a GP mental health care plan. Bulk-billing is available for holders of a Health Care Card or Pension Card.   

Inspiro welcomes everyone, including those with or without health care and pensioner concession cards and private health insurance (we offer on the spot claims).

5 Reasons to choose Inspiro's Counselling and Psychology 

1. Free phone consultation

Call us on 9028 0153 and we will explain our services and help you find the best match for your situation.

2. Easy access - we have multiple locations

Choose from Lilydale. Belgrave or Healesville. We also have free parking right next to all sites.

3. A wide choice of counsellors and a diverse team

We have eleven counselling and psychology professionals who have a range of backgrounds, ages and experience. 

4. Extended counselling hours

If you need to see a counsellor out of hours then let us know and we'll do our best to see you when you need us.

5. Free counselling and affordable psychology

We provide free youth, young adult, drug and alcohol and family counselling 

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If you are not able to call us 9028 0153 then click the button below for more information:

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Groups and programs 

Finding Me Being Free: An 8-week group for women affected by past or current family violence issues.


How much does it cost?

Fees for counselling sessions can be found in the 'Inspiro Fees' download below. (Youth and young adult counselling is free - funded by the Yarra Ranges Council).

Inspiro fees