Inspiro's adult speech therapy is located in Lilydale and Belgrave.

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Inspiro’s adults speech therapy helps adults who need support with their communication

5 Reasons to choose Inspiro adult speech therapy

1. Free phone consultation

Call us on 9028 0153 and we will explain our services and help you find the best match for your situation.

2. Easy access - we have multiple locations

Choose from Lilydale and Belgrave. We also have free parking right next to all sites.

3. Friendly Staff

Our staff are friendly and passionate about their job

4. Free advice and information

We have lots of helpful advice and information on our blog (here) 

5. Affordable pricing

We are a not for profit organisation, so our pricing is affordable and in most cases lower than competitors.  


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Inspiro’s Adult Speech Therapy

Inspiro’s adult speech therapy service provides help for people with communication, cognition, swallowing or voice problems.  These speech issues may be caused by stroke, degenerative neurological conditions, head injury, respiratory and medical conditions, surgery and ageing.

Inspiro’s speech therapists can help with

  •              Difficulty with speaking clearly.
  •              Swallowing issues including coughing and choking when eating and/or drinking.
  •              Difficulty thinking of words and/or constructing a sentence.
  •              Difficulty with reading and writing.
  •              Difficulty with understanding spoken or written information.
  •              Difficulty with cognition in relation to your communication skills; for example, forgetting information you have heard, finding                 it hard to plan, organise or problem solve different situations.
  •              Social skills relating to communicating; taking turns in conversation, staying on a topic when speaking.
  •              Problems with saliva control and or a dry mouth.


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The Inspiro Communication Chat Group - Speech Therapy

The Inspiro communication speech therapy chat group is a speech service for people who have had a stroke, run by a qualified Speech Pathologist. 

The Inspiro Communication Chat Group is for people who have had a stroke and experience communication difficulties as result. The group will provide individuals the opportunity to work toward achieving their communication goals, practice and generalise their use of communication strategies and increase their confidence to communicate in a group setting.

Inspiro offers a range of services 

Inspiro is a not-for-profit health service that provides interest free loans, nutrition, weight management and healthy eating advice and many other services. Our primary locations for service are located at 17 Clarke Street Lilydale and 3/1527 Burwood Highway Tecoma.

Inspiro also provides dental, physiotherapy, counselling, occupational therapy, adult speech therapy, child speech therapy, podiatry, child & family support, dietetics & nutrition advice, diabetes education, an on-site GP & skin clinic, small loans for those in need and My Aged Care and aged care services to the Yarra Ranges community.




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