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Inspiro's healthy recipes - diet advice and recipes from our dietitians

Sun 25 Aug 2019

Making healthy, tasty food at home is easier and cheaper than you think. Crafty marketing and new studies questioning the health benefits of certain foods can make understanding what to eat and drink difficult.


Free event for all parents of teens with Dr Louise Hayes

Fri 20 Jul 2018

“Finally something that makes sense! A way of understanding your kids that most people haven’t learnt or simply don’t know. You need to know this.” Angela, local mum. As those that have already discovered this will tell you, with the right information you can much better help and understand your children. 

At this free event, global teen expert, Dr Louise Hayes will show you what you can do to help your children immediately. The talk will focus on parents and what we adults can do to help, but young people are welcome to come along too.


Young people use their voices as Ambassadors for Gender Equality & Respect!

Thu 7 Jun 2018

Ambassadors for Gender Equality & Respect is a youth focused project currently being implemented in the Upper Yarra region of the Yarra Ranges. The project is engaging students from three secondary schools in a series of workshops on the importance of equality for women, men and all genders, and the role young people can have as change makers in the community and the world. Students will not only explore gender equality, but they will develop skills in project development and activism. Participants will also get the chance and will be supported to develop their own activities to raise awareness and engage their peers in this important issue.


Healthy eating plan to slow obesity problem in Victorian schools

Fri 20 Jan 2017

Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s efforts to improve the health of school children Inspiro, a not for profit health service operating in Melbourne’s east, have launched a far reaching project to tackle unhealthy school eating habits through positive encouragement, healthy food identification, advice for parents and healthy cafeteria options. 

The objective of the project is to promote a healthy food culture and increase healthy foods brought to school. With obesity and unhealthy lifestyles becoming a growing concern among Australian families, tackling these issues at a young age has never been more important to the health of our children...


Nexans Olex and Inspiro partner to promote positive health and wellbeing in the workplace

Thu 19 Jan 2017

With nearly 3 million Victorians spending almost 1/3 of their day at work, the workplace is an important place to have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Workplaces can provide a setting which supports employees to live healthy lifestyles and make the healthiest choice the easiest choice.


Yarra Valley Food Network

Fri 24 Jun 2016

Inspiro is excited to announce the launch of the Yarra Valley Food Network website, in partnership with Yarra Ranges Council, Bendigo Bank (Warburton and Yarra Junction) and Koha Café.

YVFN is an online hub for bartering, swapping, selling and giving away excess local produce.  The website is designed for EVERYONE to have access to information about locally grown and produced foods.  The website encourages, enables and shares information, supporting the health of the community and supports local growers, even backyard ones!


Our Summer edition of Inspiro Insider is out now!

Fri 12 Dec 2014

This edition of Inside Inspiro features our AGM with guest speaker, Kevin Sheedy, our Buy Local Eat Seasonal app, our Tertiary Health Scholarships for the new year, and of course, our Term 1 groups and programs for 2015.