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Everyone’s situation is different. You may be entitled to low or no fees and be able to see someone straight away. Call us on 9738 8801 to find out what you are eligible for.

Schedule of fees - effective 1 August 2015 



Interpreters are available at our centres on request.
Please speak to one of our staff to discuss your needs on 9738 8801.

Your rights and responsibilities

The Australian Charter of Health Care Rights describes the rights of patients, consumers and other people using the Australian health care system.  These rights are essential to make sure that, wherever and whenever health care is provided, it is of high quality and is safe.

If you are not satisfied with the response to a complaint, you are encouraged to contact the Health Service Commission on 1300 582 113.

Visit the Office of the Health Services Commissoner website.

Guide to Your Rights and Responsibilities can be downloaded below.
Your Rights and Responsabilities


To find out why we collect your information, what we do with your information and how you can restrict access to your information, please download the document below.
Privacy Policy


As a client, you have the right to have an advocate to represent you and your interests. If you wish to have an advocate, we will help you to locate an advocate should you request it. 

An advocate may speak, act or write on behalf and in the interest of you; is a person who is independent of a service provider, organisation or authority; and ensures your rights are being upheld.  An advocate can help you with service assessments, care planning and reviews; consult and negotiate with a service on your behalf; and help if there are changes to your services.

An advocate may be a friend, an associate or a family member.


Office of the Public Advocate
Level 1, 204 Lygon Street
Carlton VIC 3053
Phone: 1300 309 337
Web: www.publicadvocate.vic.gov.au


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