How Inspiro can help you with your NDIS plan

Thursday, 30 May 2019
How Inspiro can help you with your NDIS plan

The national insurance disability scheme, called the NDIS. is a new Goverment initiative designed to simplify providing support for Australian's with a disability (click here to read our in depth NDIS explained article).

Inspiro provides NDIS services

So Why choose Inspiro? 
 We are a trusted, high quality health service caring for people in the Yarra Ranges for over 21 years. We provide a comprehensive range of healthcare services including dental, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, counselling, dietetics and more. 


We have strong partnerships with local organisations including Yarra ranges Council, Melba Support Services, Interlink, Eastern Health and more.

Inspiro is accredited by nationally recognised standards


Inspiro is accredited by nationally recognised standards in governance and health service delivery including the Quality Improvement Council Standards (QIC) and National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standards (NSQHS).


Inspiro is a Registered NDIS Provider. Click here for information about:

Who can access the NDIS
What happens if someone is aged over 65.
How you can access the NDIS
What the NDIS pays for
What the NDIS doesn't pay for
What happens when you join the NDIS
How the funding in NDIS plans is managed.


Our NDIS participants services


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NDIS disability services at Inspiro: We currently provide the following NDIS services for adults with a disability:


NDIS Occupational Therapy 

NDIS Occupational therapy provides assistance to do everyday activities safely and independently.

Occupational Therapy services include:

  • NDIS home modifications and NDIS equipment and aids:
    Assessment of an NDIS Participant’s home, school or work environment to determine the building modifications (bathroom hand rails), equipment (eg. NDIS wheelchair), aids (eg. toilet commode), support services and training they need.
  • Prescribing, purchasing and training a Participant and their carer to use the equipment and aids.

NDIS occupational therapy NDIS home modifications     NDIS occupational therapy NDIS wheelchair NDIS equipment and aids


NDIS Speech Therapy 

Speech therapy helps participants overcome communication barriers. Our speech pathologists can also:

  • Assess and educate Participants and their carers in augmentative and alternative communication.
  • Assess and advise about eating and swallowing difficulties.


NDIS Dietetics and nutrition advice 

Inspiro dietitians help participants manage their diet and nutrition for health and well-being due to the impact of their disability. Dietetics services include:

  • Educating Participants about nutrition.
  • Developing meal plans for Participants.
  • Educating and training carers, therapy assistants and family members on nutrition, meal planning and preparation.


NDIS Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy helps increase movement and function. Inspiro NDIS Physiotherapists also play an important role in managing impairments and pain associated with disability.


NDIS Exercise physiology

Exercise physiologists can design exercise programs that help manage and prevent chronic conditions such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, arthritis and Parkinsons’ disease.

Inspiro provides NDIS Podiatry sessions to help participants manage lower leg or foot problems.

NDIS podiatry       NDIS podiatry


NDIS Psychology and NDIS Counselling

Inspiro provides psychology and counselling to help participants manage personal problems such as relationships, grief, anxiety and depression.


NDIS Maintenance Therapy 

Maintenance therapy involves our clinicians developing a therapy program for a participant, and trains NDIS carers, therapy assistants and informal supports (eg. family members) as part of the participant’s usual care.


To find out how Inspiro can help you activate your NDIS plan and reach your goals, or to book an assessment call our NDIS coordinator on 9738 8801 or email


Expert support


Inspiro has a dedicated NDIS Coordinator to help answer your queries and get you started. From organising your initial assessment; to preparing an assessment report, quote for services and Service Agreement, support is only a phone call away.


We work closely with your family, Support Coordinator, Plan Manager and other service providers to help you achieve your goals. Whether it is going through the planning process, providing quality ongoing care or NDIS plan reviews, we are here to support you.


For advice on NDIS plans, service agreements, booking assessments and appointments with Inspiro, call our NDIS Coordinator on 9738 8801 or email


Our other services


  • NDIS community nursing
  • NDIS Dental
  • NDIS Diabetes education
  • Occupational therapy and speech therapy for kids
  • Social Support Groups


We also have a GP clinic on site provided by Main Street Medical.


Call 9738 8801 to make an appointment or find out more


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