What doesn’t the NDIS pay for?

Tuesday, 23 April 2019
What doesn’t the NDIS pay for?

The Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)  provides reasonable and necessary supports to help eligible people with a disability live more independently and improve t heir lives. While the NDIS will pay for a wide range of things (see what the NDIS pays for here), it does not cover certain items, including things paid for already by Medicare.

The NDIS will not pay for things that are 
not related to your disability. For example, the NDIS will not pay for things that everyone has to pay for like food, electricity or movie tickets. The NDIS will not pay for things that other parts of the government already pay for. For example, Medicare already pays for x-rays and blood tests.

The NDIS does not pay for things that are already covered 

The NDIS offers lots of opportunities to help children and adults  access the community, technology and other resources, but it doesn’t pay for things that are already covered by ‘mainstream’ services like education or health systems.

So, the NDIS won’t pay an NDIS participants medical bills - meaning visits to your GP etc (that’s what Medicare is for). And the NDIS won’t pay for school or study costs.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) began a full national rollout in Australia in July, 2016 based on a fundamental principle to give those with a disability choice and control over their daily lives. Participants can use funds to purchase services that reflect their lifestyle and aspirations.

See what the NDIS will pay for here: What the NDIS pays for

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What doesn’t the NDIS pay for?


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