When weight gain after kids won't go away

Tuesday, 30 October 2018
When weight gain after kids won't go away

Before having kids, I was reasonably slim and fit. After my first child, I gained 5 kilos: a little muffin top, and roundness around my hips and thighs. I wasn’t too worried and promised myself I would lose the weight and get back into shape. That was more than ten years ago.

After two more children I gained more than fifteen kilos. My muffin top had well and truly risen - into a soft, wobbly, high soufflé. It was funny…and sad, how the weight crept up on me.

Food became my friend

Sleep deprived daze.

The foggy first year after each child, when I was in a constant sleep deprived daze, food became my friend. It was just there and didn’t judge me when I was barely keeping things together. When I was feeling lonely, sad or a like I was a failure, it was there to comfort me. Then I came to depend on food for comfort. 

It was easier to eat what was most convenient. Feed the kids first. Eat last. Finish off the food that the kids didn’t eat. Treat myself to that bag of chips, chocolate bar or a few cookies. I had a soft spot for savoury food, especially hot fried chips. I didn't mind them cold either.


Food became my friend.

Food was also my enemy

I had gotten used to hiding by weight under my uniform of baggy mummy tops and jeans and avoided looking in the mirror.

The kids and I were looking through some photos one day, from a holiday down the beach at Phillip Island. There was a photo of me in my bathers, carrying my youngest on my hips. I wanted to cry because I could barely recognise the overweight woman. I looked like a small whale covered in floral lycra.

Inspiro dietitians can help you eat less

My battle with food and emotions

After that came the weeks of strict dieting followed by lapses of binge eating. I’d say to myself “I’ll be good again next week.” Or the week after. Or the week after. When I lapsed, I would punish myself with a stricter diet. And of course, I would then eat even more. It was exhausting physically and emotionally.

Battle with emotional eating

During two of my pregnancies, I had gestational diabetes. With my erratic, emotional eating my weight only got worse. I feared gaining more weight and becoming diabetic. In desperation I talked to my doctor who referred me to the dietitian who helped me when I had gestational diabetes.

Are you in a battle with food and emotional eating?

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