The 5 biggest health concerns of Aussie women

Friday, 7 September 2018
The 5 biggest health concerns of Aussie women

Jean Hailes, one of the most respected organisations in Australia for Women’s Health recently surveyed 15,262 women aged 18 years or older in Australia this year to find out their greatest health concerns, practices and needs.

The survey showed that the top 5 health topics women are concerned about are:

1. Weight management (35%)

2. Healthy eating / nutrition (32%)

3. Mental and emotional health (29%)

4. Anxiety (28%)

5. Menopause (25%)


It also revealed some interesting insights including:

Australian women's physical health:

  • 50.4% of women described their overall health as very good or excellent. 
  • Most women (90.5%) had not smoked in the past year. 
  • Seven out of 10 women (70.3%) reported doing at least two hours of moderate physical activity per week.


Women's physical health and activity


Health needs 

More than half of women (54.8%) were totally confident asking their doctor questions and discussing health issues that concerned them; total confidence appears to increase with age.

2. Almost one in four women (23.9%) could not afford to see a health professional when they needed to.

3. One in five women (21.5%) reported that there were issues/questions that they avoided discussing with their doctor.

4. More than one in four women have discussed or need to discuss with their doctor a lack of interest in sex in the past 12 months.


Mental health of Australian women in 2018

Two out of three women reported feeling nervous, anxious or on edge.

  • Almost half of women (46.1%) indicated they had been diagnosed with depression or anxiety by a doctor or psychologist
  • Two out of three women (66.9%) reported feeling nervous, anxious or on edge nearly every day or on more than seven days in the past four weeks.
  • Nearly one in five women (17.7%) reported having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, or having restless and unsatisfying sleep nearly every day in the past four weeks.

Counselling for anxiety and stress

Health information

  • 35.3% of women wanted more information on weight management.
  • 63.5% for women aged 18-50 said they will first seek information by searching the internet when they have a health concern.
  • Fact sheets and face-to-face education were identified as the preferred way to receive health information by 59.4% and 42% of respondents, respectively.

Women wanted more information on weight management.

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