Our kinder service helped a family before it was too late

Friday, 17 August 2018
Our kinder service helped a family before it was too late

Jack's story

Jack was at kinder the day Inspiro's dental outreach team visited.  The kids sang songs about brushing their teeth and took turns to hold Rodger Rabbit and the big toothbrush.  It was lots of fun and Jack waited patiently for his turn in the chair while the dentist looked in his mouth.

Jack's parents moved to Australia several years ago from Burma, and had Jack and his sister Grace here.  They now live in the Yarra Ranges near some members of their extended family.

When Jack's mum Aye picked him up from kinder, she found a dental screening report in his pigeon hole where parents are given notices to pick up.  She was quite surprised that the report recommended her to make a dental appointment for Jack, and possibly for a filling.  She didn't think kids his age needed fillings.


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Aye made an appointment for Jack. "I was worried how Jack would be at the dentist because he had not been before.  I had bad experiences with the dentist when I was a child and so I was afraid to take him."

To her surprise, Jack wasn't nervous or scared - maybe the visit from the dental outreach team had helped.  It turned out that Jack needed a fissure sealant to be painted over his back teeth to help prevent decay. "The dentist was very friendly and gentle.  She told me that  Jack has soft teeth and we need to take some extra care.  She also gave us some advice and information on what kind of food to eat and drink to keep Jack's teeth good."

Aye was so encouraged by Jack's dental appointment that she also booked an appointment for Grace, her husband and herself.  "We were very lucky that Jack was at kinder that day.  My family now know how to protect our teeth because of Inspiro."   


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