We're taking a break

Wed 23 Dec 2020

Inspiro will be closed from December 24 until January 3 (inclusive). We'll be back on Monday, January 4!

If you do require urgent assistance whilst we are closed, here are some useful numbers:

  • Royal Dental Hospital Melbourne: (03) 9341 1000
  • HeadtoHelp Mental Health Services: 1800 595 212
  • Lifeline...
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Healthy teeth in ISO

Thu 20 Aug 2020

Whilst we’re all in lockdown, it can be challenging to stay on top of many things, like getting in daily exercise and staying motivated to work from home 😱

But the Dental Team at Inspiro reckon it's a good time to think about your oral health and have a few tips for healthier mouths  for you and...

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Healthy Eating, Healthy Teeth

Wed 17 Jun 2020

Looking after our teeth can be child's play       

Whilst everyone is trying to stay home a little more, it is important to remember that healthy eating habits prevent dental decay and promote a healthier childhood. Kids are great helpers in the kitchen and getting them involved in the daily task...

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Don't Forget your Toothbrush

Tue 12 May 2020

Toothbrush Care and Replacement       

Whilst everyone is mindfully washing their hands and staying 1.5 metres apart, it is important to remember that our toothbrushes need looking after as well as a space of their own!  Toothbrush bristles can harvest bacteria and even viruses that can affect...

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11 holes in 20 teeth, and she's only 4 years old

Wed 8 May 2019

"My four year-old daughter visited the dentist a couple of months ago for her annual check-up. At her last check up, everything was fine. She has a ten-year-old brother and seven-year-old sister who’ve had no problems with their teeth (so far, fingers crossed). As I followed the same tooth care...

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10 easy tips to brush kids' teeth

Tue 30 Apr 2019

It’s 7pm. You’ve barely survived the bewitching hour when the kids are overtired, cranky and can’t concentrate. Perfect. Now for one of the last battles of the day - getting them to brush their teeth. Dealing with the child who won’t open his mouth, or hates toothpaste and gags, or screams at the...

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9 tips on looking after your dentures and your mouth

Thu 27 Sep 2018

Dentures are moulded to fit to your mouth, but they can feel uncomfortable for a few weeks as you get used to them. A little soreness can be expected as well, but it can be hard to work out if what you're feeling is normal or not.

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5 oral health tips for people with diabetes

Fri 31 Aug 2018

People with diabetes have a greater risk of oral health problems, so it's especially important to manage your oral health. Here are some tips from the dental professionals at Inspiro.

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The sad state of dental waiting lists - vulnerable Victorian's waiting over 2 years for treatment

Mon 26 Feb 2018

Vulnerable Victorians with shocking dental problems are being forced to wait for up to 48 months to see a public dentist. And the problem is getting worse, Government funding is desperately needed.

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48% of Australian children get cavities before the age of 5

Wed 14 Jun 2017

Did you know that 48% of Australian children get cavities before the age of 5? And for many children the situation can be far worse than a few fillings. At Inspiro we are seeing more and more children with advanced tooth decay. Many of these children are needing major tooth work such as complete...

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