How to manage diabetes with diet and exercise

Wed 7 Jul 2021

When you have diabetes, it’s important that you know how to use food and exercise to manage your blood sugar levels, weight and cholesterol (a fat-like substance your body uses to create hormones, vitamin D and substances that help you digest food). 

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Improve your mobility exercise group with physiotherapist - $11

Tue 16 Jul 2019

The Move for Mobility Group is a gentle exercise group that is ideal for people who want to improve their mobility. The group will help get you moving again with strength, balance and stretching exercises for upper and lower limbs. Most exercises can be completed sitting or standing.

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Yarra Ranges residents not eating enough fruit and vegetables

Mon 1 Jul 2019

There are some great advantages to living in the Yarra Ranges – like the open green areas and park lands that encourage us outdoors. You would think that being closer to farms, orchards and nature, might mean we are more likely to be active and eat more fresh fruit and veggies. But this isn’t so.

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8 easy exercises and stretches to do on your lunch break

Thu 13 Jun 2019

These 8 super easy exercises and stretches come from our university qualified Exercise Physiologist Mitch. They can be done at home, at work, on your lunch break or at school.For more information about what Mitch does for his clients and what he can do for you click here.In addition to Exercise...

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2 stretches to improve flexibility and minimise back pain

Wed 15 May 2019

Inspiro’s Exerice Physiologist. Mitch Wright, is university trained and loves helping locals. Find out what an Exercise Physiologist can do for you here. (not sure what an the difference is between an exercise physiologist and a physiotherapist? Click hereExercising and stretching of the joints,...

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Tired? Sleep like a baby with these 10 sleeping tips

Mon 11 Jun 2018
If you spent last night tossing and turning, or you aren’t getting enough sleep every night then these sleep tips are the answer to your frustrations. Sleep plays a vital role in your physical and mental health. Not many people are aware that sleep is involved in the healing and repair of your...
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Reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke

Fri 23 Feb 2018

Reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke with Inspiro's Life! Program.

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Sports clubs in Melbourne's outer east unite for gender equity and inclusion

Mon 29 May 2017
Football and netball clubs in Melbourne’s east are being encouraged to take a stand to support gender equality The  Be the Change Forum  aims to inspire and create discussions around what actions local sporting clubs can take to create encouraging environments for women and men. Special...
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Support for pregnant women and women with young children

Mon 15 May 2017

Are you pregnant or do you have young children? The Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies program provides mothers and soon to be mothers with needed assistance and guidance.Call us now on 9028 0153 or Click here and we'll get in touch and ask for Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies This...

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Solutions to the problems of sitting at a desk for too long

Tue 2 May 2017

At Inspiro we realise that sitting at your desk all day is not ideal.  Although it’s “just a desk job,” working in an office can wreak absolute havoc on our bodies. If you’re somebody who spends all day at a desk and computer (which applies to many of the staff at Inspiro), you know exactly what...

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