5 benefits of everyday nature play

Wed 21 Apr 2021

The great outdoors is one giant playground for kids big and small.

Here are 5 reasons to encourage your kids to play outside todayand all year round!

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Worried about your child's development?

Tue 13 Apr 2021

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re worried about your child’s behaviour or development. It can be hard to know what to do when your kindy kid isn't playing well with others or your toddler isn't walking. 

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7 fun methods for kids to learn fine motor skills

Mon 29 Jul 2019

It’s winter. It’s cold, wet and miserable outside. The kids are getting grumpy and restless inside. They are starting to nag you to let them go on the iPad or turn on the telly. They are starting to get on each other’s nerves. They are starting to get on your nerves. You want to do something...

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10 ways to improve your child’s fine motor skills

Tue 16 Jul 2019

You wake up, check your phone, eat some breakfast, make and pack some lunches, button your shirt or blouse, zip your pants, brush your teeth, comb your hair, pull on some socks, tie your shoe laces, turn the car key. So many things we do each day require fine motor skills that it's easy to take...

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The startling effects of technology on children

Mon 1 Jul 2019

The Digital Revolution took place in the 1950’s. The mass production of digital logic circuits led to the computer, digital cellular phone and the internet.

In today's world we use technology every day. We use it for work, school, hobbies, learning, entertainment, sports, socializing, cooking and...

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The benefits of pretend play for young kids

Wed 19 Jun 2019

Pretend play is vital for the development of social skills and learning. Research shows that pretend play is crucial to language and narrative skills in young children.

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10 active play activities for kids' gross motor skills development

Sat 1 Jun 2019

Did you know that the Australian guidelines suggest that pre-schoolers should be active for at least three hours every day? The importance of gross motor (physical) skills development in pre-schoolers is continually underestimated. Participation in active play is vital for a child’s gross motor...

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6 ways to tame children's tantrums

Sat 4 May 2019

Kelly Williamson: Mother of three

Having worked in a home-based day care setting the biggest thing I came to understand is that each child is unique. One thing that remained common however was the importance and benefit to the child for connection before correction in assisting with taming...

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10 easy tips to brush kids' teeth

Tue 30 Apr 2019

It’s 7pm. You’ve barely survived the bewitching hour when the kids are overtired, cranky and can’t concentrate. Perfect. Now for one of the last battles of the day - getting them to brush their teeth. Dealing with the child who won’t open his mouth, or hates toothpaste and gags, or screams at the...

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How to protect children's teeth with enamel problems

Tue 1 Jan 2019

Less teeth enamel can occur in children from birth or can develop soon after. Kids with less teeth enamel (hypomineralisation) need special dental care, and diagnosing teeth enamel problems in children at an early age is key to preventing serious teeth problems. Cathy Imperial, Inspiro oral...

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FREE Parent Event - Communication Development In  Young Kids

Mon 29 Oct 2018

Parents are often curious and sometimes concerned about whether our little ones are developing as expected and meeting the important 'milestones'. We're worried if they are growing fast enough, if the funny way they say some words is normal, or if they should be talking well by a certain age.

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Dental Health Week - Preschool awarded for improving the nutrition and oral health of Yarra Junction kids

Thu 9 Aug 2018
The first Early Childhood Service, All Saints Kindergarten in Yarra Junction will receive a Smiles 4 Miles award this week, recognising their fantastic work, improving the oral health and nutrition of some of our youngest community members.  
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69% of preschoolers at risk - Don't wait until it's too late

Thu 26 Jul 2018

Tooth decay is Australia’s most common health problem. Not having your child's teeth checked early can lead to thousands of dollars in costly and potentially scarring repairs.

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Little Joey's playgroup for women who have experienced family violence

Mon 22 Jan 2018

Little Joey's Playgroup is a supported playgroup for women with young children who have experienced family violence.

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48% of Australian children get cavities before the age of 5

Wed 14 Jun 2017

Did you know that 48% of Australian children get cavities before the age of 5? And for many children the situation can be far worse than a few fillings. At Inspiro we are seeing more and more children with advanced tooth decay. Many of these children are needing major tooth work such as complete...

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Support for pregnant women and women with young children

Mon 15 May 2017

Are you pregnant or do you have young children? The Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies program provides mothers and soon to be mothers with needed assistance and guidance.Call us now on 9028 0153 or Click here and we'll get in touch and ask for Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies This...

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