Government must support community health to meet community needs

Friday, 21 September 2018
Government must support community health to meet community needs
In the lead up to the Victorian election, the Victorian Healthcare Association, together with the state's 29 community health services, is calling on the next government to better leverage and support community health services to meet the needs of our clients and communities.

Please help support community health by signing the campaign pledge here.

Stand with community health today!

Inspiro is one of 29 independently managed and registered community health centres, governed by the Health Services Act. We are part of a sector unique in Australia dating back to the establishment of community health in the late 1970s and we provide an incredibly valuable community platform and service.

Community health delivers vital services for Victorians but doesn’t get enough funding or support. Much more support is needed from the Victorian government.

To ensure that we can leverage the capacity and skilled workforce of community health for the benefit of Victorians, the 'Stand with community health' campaign is calling on all political parties to pledge their support for:

1. New community health centres where the public need them.
2. $60 million every year to improve outdated facilities.
3. Increased funding to enable community health services to keep pace with a growing population.
4. Better leveraging community health to reduce pressure on Victoria’s public hospital emergency departments.
5. Support for community health services to provide an even stronger health safety net for vulnerable Victorians.
6. Increased public dental funding, so people can access care when they need it.

Support community health more funding needed

Community health services pride themselves on being accessible to all Victorians, including to the state’s most vulnerable and isolated people who may have nowhere else to turn. We also play the crucial role of filling gaps left by the broader health system and bridge the gap between acute and primary care sectors.

We are well placed to release even more pressure from overburdened hospitals.

Taking a stand for Community Health will show we as service providers, value and hold dear what we do. In the lead up to the State election in November, this campaign is calling on the next Victorian government to:

  • Invest in Growth Area Infrastructure
  • Allocate Inspiro and the other 28 registered community health services preferred supplier status to vulnerable communities
  • Establish an annual $60 million dedicated community health service capital fund
  • Provide additional funding to meet demand brought about by population growth and to keep people out of public hospital emergency departments
  • Invest $4 million to fund six pilot hospital diversion projects
  • Increase public dental funding to reduce patient wait times and reduce the potential impacts on other areas of their health

Community health needs in victoria australia

What can you do to support the campaign?

1. If you haven’t already, pledge your support on the campaign website at Stand with community health.pledge
2. You could talk to three people you know and ask them to pledge their support
3. You could share this article on social media (click here).

We hope you will support community health services to not only meet the needs of our growing communities but play an even greater role in supporting our broader health system.

Make your voice heard, stand with community health.

For more information about how you can stand with Community Health click here: Stand with community health

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About Inspiro

Inspiro is a local, non-profit community health service that provides dental, dietetics / nutrition, podiatry, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, diabetes education, counselling, exercise physiology, social and family support services from our Lilydale, Belgrave and Healesville clinics and various community venues. 

We have dentists to look at your teeth, health professionals to help get you moving and active, health services for children and older people, support if you are living with ongoing illness, podiatrists to look at your feet, someone to talk to about your mental health, and many other services to help you reach your own health goals.

Inspiro Locations

INSPIRO LILYDALE: 17 Clarke St, Lilydale

INSPIRO BELGRAVE:  1616-1624 Burwood Highway, Belgrave

INSPIRO HEALESVILLE: 333 Maroondah Hwy, Healesville