School stressing you out? Feeling pressured, depressed or anxious?

Monday, 23 April 2018
School stressing you out? Feeling pressured, depressed or anxious?

Stressed at school? Feeling pressured, depressed, or anxious? Parents annoying you or not understanding your situation? Parents don’t understand what you mean, just not getting it or think it’s still the 1980’s?

School - how to deal with anxiety, pressure, stress and everything else that gets thrown at you

It might seem like it, but you’re not alone. Not sure what to do? Something that a lot of people don’t understand is that sometimes we don’t need people to tell us what to do all the time, but someone to listen and to just get it.

Inspiro has free counselling and support at Lilydale, Belgrave, Yarra Junction and Healesville. And because it’s free and confidential you’ve really got nothing to lose. Give us a call on 9738 8801.

I was stressed, felt misunderstood and mostly ignored

I’m not a teen anymore but I remember what it was like being one, and honestly, most of the time I didn’t really enjoy life. I was stressed, felt misunderstood, often ignored (by my parents, teachers and even sometime by friends) and felt like there was no end.

I’d often stay up late at night for no reason except to chill out and try to de-stress – which never really worked because I always ended up tired and was never able to really de-stress.. Outside of leaving school or home I really didn’t think that there way for things to get better or improve.


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I was wrong when I thought things couldn't get better

Fortunately I was wrong, there is a way for things to improve. Believe it or not teen counsellors don’t spend years learning about this stuff for nothing; they learn how to help, how to listen and how to not think it’s still the 1980’s. (and most of them do this job because they went through some of the stuff you are, at least a little of it. And believe it or not, seeing a free counsellor or joining a free peer support group isn’t uncool, it’s smart.

If you don’t want to call just send an email to and we’ll get in touch. Or if you can call 97388801.

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