Local strawberry farm and cafe open to the public in November

Sunday, 21 October 2018
Local strawberry farm and cafe open to the public in November

Strawberry Springs is a very popular Strawberry Farm and cafe open to the public in Melbourne's outer East. Strawberry Springs has informed Inspiro Community Health that they will be open for the Summer season for Strawberry picking and purchases in the second week of November.

Too often supermarket fruit and vegetables are not only expensive but also not fresh. In addition they sometimes have the taste of cardboard and the consistency of mush

If you're like me then you'll want to eat healthier and spend less money. The Yarra Valley's best farms are selling fresh healthy produce direct to the public and only a select few people know about these local farm gates.

Inspiro, recognising the value of fresh local and healthy produce, has commissioned the health promotion team to find out this important information for you, and after many hours on the road we've discovered all of the Yarra Valley's best farms selling fresh produce to the public.

local farms seeling fresh food to the public

This is the first in a series of 20 open to the public farm articles that will help you discover the absolute best places to get your fruit and vegetables

Strawberry Springs in the Yarra River town of Millgrove offers the best of both worlds. Located only an easy 5 minute drive from the bustling tourist town in Warburton and just 1.8km off the Warburton Highway, they are open 7 days per week from 9.30am to 4.30 pm from November until May 1st.

Not only can you pick your own Strawberries, you can buy them cheaper than at the Supermarket and they’ll come fresher than any supermarket or even farmers market. If you’re not already consuming strawberries on a regular basis then Strawberry Springs strawberry farm is a good reason to start.:

Strawberry Springs Farm gate Millgrove

Make a day of it or bring the kids...

Strawberry Springs doesn’t just do strawberries, recently opening a café called The Berry Cafe. If you’re Melbourne city based and planning to head down on a weekend then pick some strawberries in the morning and stay for lunch. 

The Berry Cafe offers cakes, delicious coffees, teas and beautiful strawberry sweets and savoury food, quiches, crepes, milkshakes, slices, pies and salads, making the perfect family or couple’s day out even better with a delicious lunch.

In the afternoon take a walk on the nearby historic walking trails, the O'Shannesy Aqueduct and the Warburton Rail Trail.


Strawberry Springs Millgrove High Tea menu

Strawberry Springs strawberry packs 

Strawberry Springs provide strawberries in various packs, from delicious fruit for party platters and chocolate dipping to great value homemade jam packs available in large quantities.

Strawberry Springs says that their most popular item is their 1kg graded seconds "Farm packs”. These packs are full of flavoursome Albion strawberries picked fresh from their fields daily, and they are excellent value.

Kookaberry farm open to the public

The history of Strawberry Springs

Strawberry springs was founded back in 1998 when Heather and Luciano Corrallo followed their dream to build a high quality strawberry farm in the Yarra Valley. 

After running his own fruit shop for many years Luciano recognises that customers wanted the best quality and best tasting fruit so he selected the place he would create his strawberry farm based on the pure natural water spring that runs under the nearby mountain ranges.

This water supply coupled with the nutrient rich mountain soils yield an extraordinary flavor, giving Strawberry Springs strawberries a uniquely sweet yet rich taste.

(Perfect smoothie recipe for Strawberry Springs strawberries)
Chia green berry smoothie recipe inspiro-532906-edited-559567-edited

The best tasting strawberries in Victoria  (as voted by Sam!)

After living in Millgrove now for several years and eating Strawberry Springs strawberries almost by the truck load I can personally vouch for their uniquely flavoursome taste - I’m yet to find anything quite like them and get disappointed when having to buy ‘subpar’ supermarket strawberries.

Last week I bought 5kg of Strawberries and on my next visit I’ll be trying some home-made cakes and jams. My wife’s personal favourite is the quiche – word is it’s the best quiche ever made, a heady claim you might have to test for yourself.


The best tasting strawberries in the world?

Essential strawberry trivia

  1. There is an average of 200 seeds on every strawberry
  2. Strawberries are the only fruit with the seeds on the outside
  3. Strawberries are not technically berries
  4. Strawberry plants more than a year or two old begin to decline in productivity and fruit quality
  5. Strawberries do not continue to ripen after being picked so have to be picked at the right time.
  6. When watering strawberries you should water only the roots and not the leaves, as moisture on the leaves boosts fungus growth
  7. The USA produces approximately 30% of the worlds strawberries
  8. The best time to plant strawberries is in late summer or spring

Opening hours at Strawberry Springs

The Strawberry Springs Berry Cafe and strawberry shop will open for the season in the second week of November 2018. Opening hours are 9.30am - 4.30pm every day. They are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Good Friday.

Where to find Strawberry Springs 

Strawberry Springs are located at 35 McNamara`s Road, Millgrove VIC 3799. Phone (03) 5966 20701

When consumed as part of a balanced diet strawberries can have a number of health benefits

Inspiro's dietitians can provide expert dietary advice on strawberries and many other foods. If you would like to learn more about healthy foods contact us directly on (03) 9738 8801 or join one of our dietitians on a health supermarket tour where they explain the fine print on supermarket foods.

See Strawberry Spring's Facebook page here for updates.