Inspiro's Stop Smoking Service

Tuesday, 14 May 2019
Inspiro's Stop Smoking Service

Time to quit smoking? Let us help you become tobacco free. Inspiro has a stop smoking service for residents of Melbourne's South and Eastern suburbs.

Stop letting cigarettes dictate your life:

Making the decision to quit smoking is a brave yet rewarding first step. At Inspiro we understand the challenges of quitting smoking and can help support you to rid yourself of the habit.

Simple Strategies:

We can teach you easy to follow nicotine replacement and behaviour strategies that will increase your chances of long term success.

It’s easier to quit than you think to quit:

Living without smoking isn’t as hard as you think. And when you stop smoking you’ll feel better, save a lot of money and be in control of your own actions.



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Not smoking won’t deprive you of pleasure:

The thoughts and feelings that falsely tell you that you are being deprived of pleasure are the most common reasons people find it hard to quit. If these beliefs continue, quitting can be an ongoing struggle.

You can do it:

When you don’t want to smoke, the amount of willpower needed to not smoke dramatically reduces. Smoking isn’t who you are; it’s something you do. When you stop smoking you’ll still be the same person. You can still relax, go out, and have friends.

Non-smokers enjoy life without cigarettes! So you can you too!

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Appointments are essential, call Inspiro on:

Book now on 9028 0153


17 Clarke Street, Lilydale or 1616 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave


The cost is subsidised to only $20 for residents of the Yarra Ranges.

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Smoking myths debunked - 9 common myths about smoking and quitting
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1.  Nicotine is the major toxic ingredient in cigarettes

Nicotine is the addictive drug in cigarettes but it causes few other health effects. Nicotine in dosages present in cigarettes does not cause heart attacks, cancer or lung damage. 

2.  Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is as harmful as smoking

NRT (patch, gum, lozenge, inhalator, mouth spray and oral strips) is always much safer than smoking.

3.  Smoking while using NRT is dangerous

Smoking while using NRT is no more dangerous than smoking. Studies have found no significant side-effects from using NRT while smoking.

4.  Using more than one form of NRT (such as nicotine patch + nicotine mouth spray) is unsafe

Combining more than one form of NRT can be used safely to help you quit.

5. Smoking helps to relieve stress

Research has shown that smoking increases stress levels overall. Much of the apparent calming effect of a cigarette is simply due to the relief of symptoms (such as irritability, anxiety and restlessness) caused by nicotine withdrawal.

6.  Cutting down your cigarettes or smoking mild cigarettes reduces the harm from smoking

Cutting down your cigarette intake or changing to milder cigarettes does not improve your health and does not significantly reduce your risk of dying from a smoking-related disease.

7. Smoking just a few cigarettes daily is fairly harmless

The research shows the health risks from light smoking are substantial. Smokers of 1-4 cigarettes per day have 3 times the risk of dying from a heart attack and 3-5 times the risk of dying from lung cancer compared to non-smokers.

8.  Hypnotherapy or acupuncture are effective quitting strategies

There is no good evidence that hypnotherapy or acupuncture are effective in helping smokers quit.

9.  It is too late to quit. The damage is done

The damage from smoking improves quickly after quitting at any age. Many of the health effects of smoking reverse quite rapidly after quitting at any age.

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About Inspiro Lilydale’s range of services:

Inspiro is a not-for-profit health service that provides a free women’s health clinic, stop smoking services and many other health services to residents of the Yarra Ranges

Inspiro provides dental, physiotherapy, counselling, youth counselling, alcohol and drug support, occupational therapy, adult speech therapy, child speech therapy, podiatry, child & family support, dietetics & nutrition advice, diabetes education, an on-site GP & skin clinic, small loans for those in need and My Aged Care and aged care services to the Yarra Ranges community.


Our stop smoking service is for all residents of the following suburbs:

Inspiro’s drug and alcohol support group is funded by Sharc. If you live in any of the following suburbs you are eligle to use Inspiro's Youth and Young Adult Counselling Services: Badger Creek, Bayswater, Bayswater North, Belgrave, Belgrave Heights, Belgrave South, Boronia, Chirnside Park, Coldstream, Croydon North, Croydon, Croydon Hills, East Warburton, Emerald, Ferny Creek, Healesville, Heathmont, Hoddles Creek, Kallista, Kaloroma, Kilsyth South, Kilsyth, Launching Place, Lilydale, Lysterfield, Macclesfield, Menzies Creek, Millgrove, Monbulk, Montrose, Mooroolbark, Mount Dandenong, Mount Evelyn, Narre Warren East, Olinda, Ringwood, Ringwood North, Sassafras, Selby, Seville, Seville East, Silvan, Tecoma, The Patch, Tremont, Upper Ferntree Gully, Upwey, Wandin, Wandin North, Warrandyte South, Warranwood, Warburton, Wesburn, Wonga Park, Woori Yallock, Yarra Valley, Yarra Glen, Yarra Junction and Yellingbo.