10 reasons why 91% of people wouldn't date a smoker

Friday, 19 April 2019
10 reasons why 91% of people wouldn't date a smoker

A huge majority of non-smokers, find smokers less attractive as potential partners. Smoking is a serious deal breaker for them. Non-smokers would not date a smoker because they smell and taste bad.

“I can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke. I hate the smell of it lingering. Getting that revolting taste in my mouth makes me want to throw up.”

A recent UK survey by company Inogen found that single most women and men, found smokers unattractive. 70 per cent of women are repelled by those who smoke and 56 per cent wouldn’t date a smoker. 65 per cent of men said they found smoking unattractive and 46 per cent would not date a smoker.

This rate climbs even higher when female and male non-smokers were asked if they would date a smoker. A huge 79% of female non-smokers would not date a man who smoked, while 66% of male non-smokers would not date a woman who smoked.


91% of people wouldn't date a smoker because of the bad smell

When asked why they wouldn’t date a smoker, a whopping 91 per cent of people blamed the bad smell of cigarettes and 70% blamed the bad breath, and the bad taste when kissing. Studies in the US have found similar results.

91% of people wouldn't date a smoker - reasons people wouldn’t date a smoker

The top 10 reasons why people say they wouldn’t date a smoker

1. Smoking smells bad 91%
2. Secondhand smoke ( I don't want to be breathing in second hand smoke) 81%
3. Health problems it could cause my potential partner 77%
4. Health problems it could cause me 75%
5. Bad breath for the smoker 70%
6. Taste bad when kissing 70%
7. It is generally unattractive 69%
8. I would smell bad from being around it 68%
9. Yellow teeth 60%
10. It is an expensive habit 58% (smoking is costing  you more than $5000 per year - see how much smoking costs Australian's here)

people wouldn't date a smoker because of health problems

Time to quit smoking?

While single men and women may not be looking for a serious relationship when they are dating, they do think about the future. If you are a smoker, it might be time to think about the impact it’s having on your relationships and finding a partner.

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