5 ways to protect your children online

Tuesday, 29 January 2019
5 ways to protect your children online

Over 65% of teens have experienced cyber bullying . And 1 in 4 parents are overwhelmed with technology and don't know what to do ow where to start. The digital world is a dynamic and complex space to navigate for adults, teenagers and children - how do we keep our children safe from the dangers that lurk out their? To get informed and empowered as a parent here are some important resources that will allow you to understand and help your children. 

Digital technology, mobile phones and social media

In many ways things have changed so much for children these days, particularly the use of digital technology, mobile phones and social media. And because of these changes, the pressures of fitting in, being liked, and doing well have only magnified. Navigating these social challenges and the rapidly changing use of apps and technology can be a confronting emotional and mental minefield for parents and children.

Teens think Facebook is only for "old people"

Being a parent or adult born in a different decade can be confusing and challenging - remember back when nobody had a mobile phone at school, and there was no such thing as social media? Did you know that most young kids think Facebook is only for "old people?"

Outside of a few Facebook posts and selfies, many of us really have very little idea about the ways that children are using digital technology, app's, mobile phones and social media, and how they are being effected. Sure kids might tell you they use Snapchat and Instagram, but what other apps do they use?

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Developmental issues can be caused by too much screen time

And it's not just the more obvious dangers like cyber bullying and online predators that we need to look out for, there are also huge developmental issues that can be caused by too much screen time, whether that be playing video games, chatting online, watching Netflix or anything else that involves staring at a screen for long periods of time..

Knowing the issues caused by excess screen usage, even Facebook and Google stop their staff using phones and laptops during meetings. The average teenager is spending 6.5 hours or more on a screen, here are some of the things that too much screen time is actually doing to everyday family life

The following 5 online resources can help you to guide your child to a healthy relationship with device use and the internet, and create family agreements around sustainable and safe screen use.

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The Esafety Commissioner -

A federal government initiative with numerous resources including the 'screen smart' parent tour. It also provides a complaints service for incidents of image-based abuse.

Incidents of image-based abuse

Mean Girls: 

Are you aware of the pressures that teen girls face online? 
My teenage niece Madie, fell in and out with a group of mean girls at school. An innocent action at a party was misunderstood and quickly escalated into hurtful words online. The girls, and one girl in particular, started spreading nasty rumours... Here's what happened next)

2. Cyber Safety Solutions -

Includes a great tip-sheet for kids.

3. It's Time We Talked -

A website dedicated to the confronting and challenging reality of pornography and the increasingly easy access to it via the internet. Provides information and resources for young people, parents, schools and community organisations.

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4. ThinkUKnow -

ThinkUKnow is a partnership between the Australian Federal Police, Commonwealth Bank, Microsoft and Datacom and delivered in partnership with all State and Territory police and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.

Cyber safety

5. Family Zone -

Family Zone is a comprehensive cyber protection service which enables you to manage all family devices at home when out an about.

Phone counselling and advice for young people and parents

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