Physiotherapist Kathleen at Inspiro Belgrave

Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Physiotherapist Kathleen at Inspiro Belgrave

Are you sick of pain and discomfort and want to take control of your health? A physiotherapist can assist you if you are experiencing pain or movement issues. Physiotherapy can help you to become more mobile and make you more comfortable.

Inspiro's physiotherapy services are located at 1616 - 1624 Burwood Highway Belgrave at the new Belgrave Hub

How to get to Inspiro Belgrave at the Belgrave Community Hub

Who our physiotherapy clinic treats

Inspiro's physiotherapy clinic in Belgrave sees clients in and around Belgrave and in the outer Eastern Melbourne and Yarra Ranges areas. We also offer physiotherapy at our Healesville and Lilydale clinics.

Local physiotherapist Kathleen now treats clients from B'Well Physiotherapy in Belgrave at Inspiro

Kathleen Bardwell, is Inspiro’s local physiotherapist at Inspiro Belgrave. Originally from Dublin, Ireland Kathleen’s background is extensive, with over thirty years’ experience working as a physiotherapist.  Kathleen is known to many residents of Belgrave as the local physiotherapist from the physio clinic B’Well Physio in Belgrave.” Kathleen now treats all her former clients from B'Well Physiotherapy at Inspiro Belgrave. 

The new Belgrave Hub building

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Kathleen has lived locally to Belgrave for the last 25 years 

Kathleen finished her studies in Dublin Ireland and then she moved to Germany where she spent 6 years working with professional athletes and dancers. She moved to Australia 20 years ago to advance her education, completing a Masters of Applied Science in Physiotherapy, specifically musculoskeletal physiotherapy. She has lived locally to Belgrave for the last 25 years. 

Learn proper exercise and stretching techniques

From years of experience with clients and university training, Kathleen can teach you the proper exercise and stretching techniques to assist your everyday health and well-being. These exercises and stretches will help you achieve strength and flexibility in your muscles and joints, helping avoid future injuries from happening. Anyone who has trouble undertaking everyday tasks because of illness or injury, or whose independence has lessened can benefit from physiotherapy.

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Kathleen has lots of experience with a wide range of issues

Kathleen has experience in Aged Care, Sport Medicine and post-operative rehabilitation means that she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help clients fix up their aches and pains and get back on their feet after illness or injury. She is particularly passionate about assisting people with osteo-arthritis of the hips and knees to get moving more and avoiding surgery if possible. However, if surgery is unavoidable she has vast experience in post-operative rehabilitation.

Kathleen says that she enjoys the opportunity to work in collaboration with other disciplines at Inspiro, such as podiatry, dietetics, speech therapy and occupational therapy.  

Are you feeling pain?

in many cases you don't have to be -  there is something that you can do to relieve and stop your aches and pain. A caring physiotherapist can help restore and improves a person's movement and function through rehabilitation and a range of different treatments.

Feeling pain Inspiro physiotherapy in Belgrave can help

Important information about Inspiro Belgrave

Inspiro offers physiotherapy services available to book privately, meaning that you can access our professionals at your convenience, with flexible times and at affordable prices.

Inspiro is NDIS registered. We accept clients through Worksafe, TAC, Department of Veterans Affairs and Chronic Disease Care Plans from the GP as well as private clients.

Kathleen says that “the new building (the Belgrave Community Hub) is a real bonus for Belgrave’s local residents. A huge range of health services are available for everyone here.”

Inspiro community health locations

We provide physiotherapy in Lilydale, Healesville and in Belgrave. Inspiro has physiotherapy services at very competitive rates for all local residents.

Belgrave reception Inspiro physiotherapy

We provide professional, quality and affordable physio treatment

If you have private health insurance, we can efficiently and easily process your claims on the spot using HICAPS. We provide physiotherapy for patients with Bupa healthcare and all other healthcare cards

Our physiotherapists can help with a wide variety of mobility, muscle or joint problems. If you have difficulty walking or concerns with balance or can’t get rid of that nagging back pain, physiotherapy is ideal. 


stretches to improve flexibility and minimise back pain


 How do I make an appointment?


Call 9028 0153 to discuss your options and book.


About Inspiro’s full range of health services  

Inspiro is a not-for-profit health service that provides physiotherapy services and many other health services. We've been caring for people in the Yarra Ranges for over 22 years.

Inspiro provides dental, physiotherapy, counselling, occupational therapy, adult speech therapy, child speech therapy, podiatry, child and family support, dietetics and nutrition advice, diabetes education and aged care services to the Yarra Ranges community.

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