What does the NDIS pay for?

Tuesday, 14 May 2019
What does the NDIS pay for?

Many people are asking, what exactly does the NDIS pay for? In this article we will explain what the BDIS pays for and try to explain why they pay for those things. If you have any more questions after reading this you can call us directly on 97388810.

The NDIS pays for the reasonable and necessary supports that help people:

  • To be more independent, for example, make changes to their house.
  • To join in the community, for example, get a job or join a group.
  • Get services they need, for example, therapy like occupational therapy, exercise physiology.
  • Get equipment and aids they need, for example, a wheelchair, a communication device, or changes to their car.

Reasonable supports means something that is fair. Necessary supports means something a person must have.

The NDIS looks at the help and supports people already have, and works out what supports are reasonable and necessary for them to achieve their goals.

The supports must be related to a person’s disability, be useful and give good value.



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 The NDIS pays for reasonable supports

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