Morning Move for Mind - VicHealth Health Promotion Awards Finalist

Thursday, 8 December 2022
Morning Move for Mind - VicHealth Health Promotion Awards Finalist

Morning Move for Mind (MM4M) has been announced as a finalist for the VicHealth Health Promotion Awards in the category of Outstanding Health Promotion!

It's wonderful recognition of our contribution to the health and wellbeing of our community and a real honour for our talented Health Promotion team.

MM4M is a health promotion program delivered to primary schools in the Yarra Ranges. In 2022, our team delivered MM4M to three primary schools, with a total of 150 kids participating in the program - with some amazing outcomes from both the kids and teachers.

Morning Move for Mind outcomes for 2022

MM4M takes a whole school approach, encouraging kids from Grades 3-6, teachers and the wider school community to increase physical activity and incorporate a range of wellbeing strategies into their everyday lives.

We know that kids often spend too much time on screen-based activities and insufficient time being active. We also know that COVID-19 related school and sport lockdowns have had a devastating impact on both the physical and mental wellbeing of kids in this age group. MM4M is making a difference.

MM4M uses fun and engaging active lessons delivered over an 8-week period, to increase kids’ physical activity and help them develop strong coping strategies to carry on throughout their lives.

Along with 2 x 30-minute active outdoor sessions per week, kids are encouraged to increase their levels of physical activity outside of school and to use movement as a wellbeing strategy.

It is our plan to make MM4M bigger and better. In 2023, along with our regular program, we plan to expand MM4M online, complete with lesson plans, videos, forums/workshops and a more structured teacher training program. By providing online resources we can dramatically widen the reach to a greater number of schools and to a greater number of kids who can experience the benefits of MM4M.