This is the who's who of Inspiro's mental health and wellbeing team

Tuesday, 9 August 2022
This is the who's who of Inspiro's mental health and wellbeing team

When you reach out to Inspiro for support with your mental health, a range of mental healthcare professionals may assist you across our free services. 

So, to help you understand who does what in our team, we’re introducing you to the different roles that make up our mental health and wellbeing team.  

You don’t have to decide who you need to see – we'll find the right person for you. You can choose whether to talk to them in person, online or by telephone. 

Care Coordinators 

Mental Health Care Coordinators help people build better support networks and connect with their community. That could be with friends, family, other professionals or support groups.  

They can link you with other services you might need - such as housing assistance, legal supports, financial aid supports, employment supports, community groups, education, medical services and more. 

A Care Coordinator will work with your care team to make sure everyone is working together towards your identified goals. 


Counselling is a process of talking about and working through your personal problems with a qualified professional.  

Our counsellors build a safe and trusting relationship with you, to help you explore personal issues and better understand your feelings, behaviours and relationships.  

There are many types of counselling, and counsellors vary in the approaches they use.  

Our general counsellors help people deal more effectively with a broad range of personal, relationship or societal challenges. They can assist people going through challenging times – whether that’s coping with daily life, anxiety, depression, parenting, family dynamics or dealing with loss and grief. 

Our Alcohol and Other Drug counsellors provide counselling and support to people dealing with alcohol and other drug misuse (and their families). They work with you to assess, educate and  provide options to either reduce harm associated with use, reduce use or cease use altogether. 

Inspiro’s Family Violence (FV) counsellors support people impacted by family violence to address the ongoing impacts of violence and help them work toward a safe and secure future. Our FV counsellors provide education, risk assessment, safety planning and referrals to crisis services. 

Mental Health Clinicians 

Clinicians provide psychological therapy for people experiencing diagnosed and undiagnosed mental health challenges. They will firstly meet with you to understand your experience and your goals, and then develop a plan that includes therapeutic treatment so you can improve your mental health. 

A Mental Health Clinician uses psychological treatments and techniques which involve evidence-based strategies for mental health challenges to improve your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  

Your Clinician collaborates with other professionals involved in your care (such as your GP) to make sure you’re getting the absolute best care for your condition. 

Mental Health Nurses 

The role of our Mental Health Nurses is to promote psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Mental Health Nurses can assess your physical health and mental health simultaneously and help you come up with a plan to take care of any health issues you’re experiencing. They can help you get the right diagnosis, chat to your GP about your mental health or refer you to a psychiatrist if you need one.  

Your Mental Health Nurse can also answer your questions about medication and help with any medication changes.  

Peer Support Workers 

A Peer Support Worker uses talk therapy to give emotional and social support to people that may share a common experience. They focus on building a mutual relationship that fosters hope and optimism by sharing relevant parts of their own mental health recovery journey with you.  

Peer Support Workers foster a safe space for you to share your experiences and build friendships, and they support people experiencing social isolation.  

Your Peer Support Worker can also link you to other support services such as community participation groups, education and medical services. 

Which mental health professional should you see?  

When you contact us, our friendly intake team will talk to you about what you’re experiencing so they can recommend the best services and mental healthcare professional for you. 

Learn more or call our intake team on 9738 8801 or email to get started.