Inspiro volunteers lunch and homestead tour at Mont de Lancey

Wednesday, 17 May 2017
Inspiro volunteers lunch and homestead tour at Mont de Lancey

Last Thursday 11 May Inspiro staff and volunteers attended the historic Mont De Lancey homestead located in Wandin, about one hours drive east of Melbourne.

The homestead, located in the picturesque Yarra Valley is an excellent destination for a day trip. It has an excellent café, a museum, an old church, beautiful gardens, an art gallery, the old homestead, the old bell tower, the original kitchen and various other old buildings – some containing brilliantly restored old machinery.

We were fortunate to do a guided tour with Allan, one of Mont De Lancey’s knowledgeable volunteers and an all around good bloke. The tour was a great way to see the homestead and to get a taste of what like would have been like back in the nineteenth century.

Mont de Lancey historic homestead the kitchen review

The guided tour included a short video on some of the history of the area. One of the things that struck me the most was the incredible challenges faced by the early settlers, the way that they were forced to be resourceful and self-sufficient in ways that are so alien to life now. Settlers back then couldn’t just walk into a shop and buy soap, they were forced to make it themselves from a combination of fat and other products in time consuming process.

The Pioneer Homestead was built in the 1860s and is furnished with items from the homes of descendants of the pioneer Families. The slab hut kitchen, an external building separate to the main house contains many household items of the era. In addition, the workshops and various sheds contain Blacksmiths tools, woodturning tools and a huge range of vintage machinery that still works.

The Mont De Lancey homestead is set in lawns graced by beautiful trees including a magnificent and very old spreading oak.  The Museum displays the family, working and social life of the pioneer families, which are displayed in a wide-ranging collection of photographs and artefacts

The tool sheds and vintage workshops have a huge range of old machinery, some of which is in perfect working order. 

Mont de Lancey historic homestead review old tool sheds

The Art Gallery contains a wide range of artworks ranging from Contemporary to Modern including works by artists from the Yarra Valley. 

For lunch we had a three course meal provided by the new managers of Monty’s Tea Room, a café / restaurant that provides a range of delicious hot and cold food at reasonable prices. For more information about Monty's Tea Room at Mont De Lancey here's a link to their Facebook page:

Inspiro staff and volunteers outside Monty's tea rooms at Mont De Lancey

Inspiro volunteeers lunch Mont de Lancey

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