14 Dietitian approved healthy plant based snacks

Thursday, 30 May 2019
14 Dietitian approved healthy plant based snacks

Crafty marketing and new studies questioning the health benefits of certain foods can make understanding what to eat and drink difficult.

Restrictive diets don’t usually work in the long term. At Inspiro we believe in eating delicious foods that also help us achieve our goals, have more energy and feel healthier. Life is much too short to not feel great and eat well.

The snacks below are versatile enough that you can take them to work with you or eat them at home. To find out more about healthy foods, the best amounts to eat in one sitting and how to get the best out of life through your food choices contact our dietitians, Call Tracey on 9028 0153.

free healthy inspiro recipes

14 healthy plant based snack ideas provided by our qualified dietitian, Tracey Higgins:

  • TIP 1 - 1 piece or 1 cup of Fresh Fruit (the more variety the better)


  • TIP 2 - ½ cup Stewed/tinned fruit in natural juice 


  • TIP 3 - 25-35g of mixed nuts & seeds


  • TIP 4 - 1 ½ tablespoon of dried fruit 

Healthy and delicious banana, date and chia biscuits (1)

  • TIP 5 - 2-3 sticks of celery, carrot or other vegetables with 2 tbsp of hummus, tzatziki dip or avocado dip


  • TIP 6 - 1 cup of plain popcorn

  • TIP 7 - Roasted chick peas or broad beans

  • TIP 8 - Celery stick with 100% nut paste 

celery stick with nut paste - 14 healthy snacks

  • TIP 9 - 1 slice of raisin bread or multigrain toast 

  • TIP 10 - 15-20 olives 

  • TIP 11 - 3-4 sundried tomatoes

Make your own delicious healthy dip

  • TIP 12 - Cup of home-made vegetable soup 

  • TIP 13 - Instead of a soft drink or coffee drink water and/or herbal tea infusions 

  • TIP 14 -  Either2 whole grain biscuits, multigrain corn thins, ½ a wholemeal English muffin or a thin slice of seeded whole meal bread - Top it off with tomato, cucumber or other salad with salmon, tuna or sliced boiled egg. 

14 healthy plant snacks




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