Ice education for families - free seminar

Thursday, 23 August 2018
Ice education for families - free seminar
Ice education helps families and friends to understand and best deal with challenges. This is a free 2 hours seminar that will increase your confidence to deal with difficult dynamics that can arise from ice use.

BreakThrough: ICE Education for Families, is a joint initiative between Turning Point, Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC) and the Bouverie Centre, and over 150 workshops have been conducted state-wide since the program began in late 2015.

What this free ice education seminar will do for you:

The content covers key issues about ice, its effects on the brain and body, the relationship between drug use and mental health, strategies for dealing with the ice user and access to support and resources.
Family members who attend the BreakThrough program regularly report it gives them encouragement, increasing their confidence in dealing with difficult family dynamics caused by having an ice user in the family.

Health professionals, particularly those from outside of the drug and alcohol sector, find it a valuable learning opportunity to gain a better understanding of the family perspective.

For anyone attending, the program creates awareness by providing facts and figures. This information helps to de-sensationalise and reduce fear around ice use, without trivializing the challenges faced by families.

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The media often spreads misinformation about ice use - learn the facts

There is a lot of misinformation in the media and public discourse about drug use and ice in particular. This seminar provides information about what ice is, why people use it and why it causes problems for the individual, families and the broader community.

The topics coered help families to identify if loved ones are using ice and their patterns of drug use. It also provides practical strategies about how to talk to loved ones about their drug use and how families can manage challenging behaviours and look after themselves. Information on where to access additional help and support is provided.

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