How to move more and sit less: an exercise physiologist’s guide to men’s health and wellbeing

Tuesday, 14 June 2022
How to move more and sit less: an exercise physiologist’s guide to men’s health and wellbeing

Statistics show that there’s an inequality when it comes to men’s physical and mental health.   

Men on average live 4.4 years less than women, and the last 9-11 years are often spent in poor health. What’s more, 1 in 8 men will experience depression and 1 in 5 will experience anxiety at some point in their lives. 

The good news? 

Only 30% of a man’s overall health is determined by his genetics. That means your health is largely impacted by your lifestyle choices. Men who drink less alcohol, are more active, prioritise sleep and watch what they put into their body are investing in a healthier future. 

Of course, all that is easier said than done. Inspiro is here to help you get on track.  

Move more for mind and body  

Inspiro’s exercise physiologist Mitch is passionate about motivating men to move more, because the benefits to their health and wellbeing are endless. 

Moving can: 

  • Lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer 
  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure 
  • Reduce depression and anxiety 
  • Help stabilise weight 
  • Improve testosterone levels as you age 

Mitch says, “Allied health professionals like me use movement as medicine to help prevent and manage chronic conditions. In this way, we can improve your overall quality of life and reduce your risk of weight gain and heart complications.  

Not only that, moving more positively improves your mental health too. Inactive men are 60% more likely to experience depression than those who are physically active. Incredibly, even one hour a week of movement (regardless of intensity) can help reduce depression”. 

Mitch at the gym

Mitch’s tips for moving more: 

Mitch empathises with the reason many of us avoid physical activity — it’s cold out, you’re busy, the gym isn’t your thing, or you’re dealing with chronic pain or injury and worry it’s too late to start – but insists there are plenty of ways to move around those objections.  

Incorporate movement into your daily routine. 

Aside from planned physical activities like walking, bike riding or swimming, Mitch counts everyday activities like gardening or housework as beneficial movement.  

For example, you can: 

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift or park further away in the car park 
  • Schedule breaks away from your workstation 
  • Stand up to take phone calls or stretch at your desk  
  • Play catch or frisbee with your pet at the park 
  • Dance or do a few sets of exercise during TV advertisement breaks  

It’s all about finding simple ways to move more and sit less.  

Get active (and stay warm) with free online workouts. 

Bring the gym to your living room with free online workouts you can squeeze into your day. 

Look for classes that suit all levels of ability (the last thing you want to do is overextend yourself because, unless the class is live, no one is there to correct your form) and don’t require any fancy gear - such as the Victorian Government’s new Get Active classes.  

YouTube is another great resource. Your local community group may offer online classes too.  

Have an exercise physiologist design a routine for you. 

No gym membership, intimidating equipment or active wear necessary!  

Your practitioner will consider your age, exercise tolerance, health conditions, medical history and goals before prescribing safe and easy home exercises that suit you and your lifestyle.  

 They’ll even recommend which everyday household items you can use in place of weights. 

Watch Mitch demonstrate 5 fun and easy exercises to try at home:


Mitch says, “I urge men of all ages to [reach out] for a chat so we can help you overcome some of the barriers you're facing to being more active. My aim is to positively enhance your overall health and wellbeing to put you on the road to being happier and healthier. 

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Remember, it's never too late to start moving more - even if you have a chronic condition. Regular exercise - and a routine developed by an exercise physiologist -  can help you manage symptoms and improve your health. 

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