How to keep your children safe online - free event

Saturday, 1 June 2019
How to keep your children safe online - free event

(Post event update - it was great to see everyone who came and benefited from this event. To be notified of similar upcoming events click here).

Cyber Savvy Communities, How to keep your children safe online, is a free event for parents, community members and children 5-12 years of age (you do not have to have children aged 5 -12 years to attend - this event is relevant to all parents with children).  

At this 2 hour session, you will learn from a range of experts in the local community how to keep your children safe online. Children aged 5 - 12 are provided for separately. 

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Location: Belgrave Community Hub: 1616-1624 Burwood Highway Belgrave - Monday 3 June 5:45pm – 8pm

-   FREE food and drinks

-   FREE prizes, giveaways and resources

-   Presentations from The Cyber Safety Project and community organisations.

This event for parents, young people and community members will help you to create a positive and safe digital environment at home and to feel more comfortable about your child's internet use.

Cyber Savvy Communities helps parents, young people, teachers and community members to deal with and address the significant safety, health and well-being issues that stem from children’s media and online interaction. 

What people are saying after attending one of these sessions:

  • Amazing presentation. Confronting, scary stuff at times but so real and relevant to what our kids are doing.” Janna on Facebook.

  • “Even if you consider yourself tech savvy you still need this! The way kids engage with tech is different from how we do, we need to be more educated than them if we’re going to guide them safely!” Kate on Facebook.

  • “Highly informative for both children and parents. Great suggestions to protect the entire family!” Andrea on Facebook.

  • “Lots of great information and has given me more knowledge for me and for my family to use technology safely and securely.” Liz.
  • “A great program that is dealing with a serious issue.” Michael.

  • The delivery of the Cyber Safety Project by Sam and Trent was first class. They were extremely engaging and the content they taught the children and teaching staff was both educational and relevant. The staff PD and parent information night was well received by the community and I look forward to delivering the lessons this term and beyond in my grade. I would highly recommend the Cyber Safety Project for your school." Ryan Allan, Grade 5/6 Educator at Niddrie Primary School

  • "We were blown away with Trent and Sam’s professionalism, expertise and guidance throughout the session. All of their content was relevant and very up to date, especially with recent changes and updates to apps such as YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram, and gaming programs such as Fortnite. They offered excellent advice, tips and tricks about what parents and teachers can do to help their children and students at all ages, not just in the upper years of primary school." Ashleigh Brown, Digital Technologies Leader at Caulfield South Primary School

How to keep  your kids safe online

There is widespread concern in the community around children and young people’s use of technology as our digital environment rapidly changes. Current parenting generations have been identified as having potential gaps in knowledge and skills in the digital world in which young people are very proficient.

Due to this emerging issue, in 2018 Inspiro ran a project called Switched on Kids. The project aimed to raise awareness and explore key issues around cyber safety with year 5 and year 6 students. Parents were also invited to information sessions where they learnt about the risks, challenges and opportunities of online engagement. 

We found out that parents need more education about cyber safety

The feedback from the Switched on Kids project, was that parents need more education about cyber safety. As a result of this feedback, Inspiro created the Cyber Savvy Communities project. The Cyber Savvy Communities project will involve four community forums held across the Yarra Ranges. The forums will aim to educate parents on the following  topics:

  • Current digital trends and strategies to support and promote digital safe practices in the home
  • Social networking and popular online platforms for young people
  • Digital habits and how young people are using technology today
  • Privacy settings and strategies to stay safe
  • Explore strategies that foster positive & safe digital experiences
  • Online bullying and the legal implications
  • The link between gaming and addiction through gambling

Parents and community members will additionally have the opportunity to ask experts questions during a panel discussion. Inspiro works together with the community to best educate ourselves and our children to be safe online.

Speakers at the event include:

Sarah Lancaster, Inspiro Population Health: MC

Sarah Lancaster cyber safety keep your children safe

Sarah Lancaster is a Health Promotion Officer for Inspiro Community Health. Sarah works with the community to provide Cyber Safety programs and has worked in health promotion and research for the last 3 years, focusing on health programs for children and young adults. Prior to this, Sarah taught dance and cheer for over a decade, which fostered her passion for children’s/youth health.  Sarah will be the MC for the event and is happy to chat and answer any questions you may have.

Trent Ray - Presente

Trent Ray learn how to keep your kids safe online cyber safety

Trent has over 11 years experience working as a primary & secondary teacher & leader in Victorian Schools. More recently Trent's roles include Co-Founder of the Cyber Safety Project, Director of Collective Education Australia, working in partnership with the Education team at Microsoft Australia.

As a Professional Learning Consultant, Trent's natural talent for engaging people of all ages has seen him work with schools nationally to support their transition into the 21st Century through ICT Strategic Planning, Technology curriculum coaching for teachers and conference keynote presentations.

With children accessing online tools and social networking sites at a younger age more than ever before, Trent is passionate about ensuring teachers are supported and have access to the most up-to-date information and resources for the classroom.

Sam Macaulay - Workshop for 5 to 12 year old's

sam macaulay learn how to keep your children safe online

Sam's background as a primary school teacher and advocate for student leadership lead him towards becoming a Co-Founder of Future Learning Academy and the Cyber Safety Project. In 2017 Sam was the deserving recipient of the Deakin Community Award for his outstanding contributions to his local community (Deakin Electorate in Melbourne).

Sam is a self confessed millennial with accounts on all of the social networking platforms. He has seen first hand in his own teaching experience that even small mistakes made online can have long lasting social and emotional consequences.    

His motivation for developing and delivering the Cyber Safety Project is to reach a broader audience of teachers, students and community members, as well as provide effective learning experiences and teaching resources. To ensure students 'grow up digital'  Sam's vision is to see the community learn important safe and responsible online habits.

Anita Koochew - Presenter

 Anita Koochew talks about keeping your kids safe online-1

Anita Koochew is a senior lawyer and community development co-ordinator for the Yarra Ranges at Eastern Community Legal Centre. Anita has over 10 years legal practice experience, including working with young people about issues relevant to them including cyber bullying, sexting, consent, and family violence.

Anita will talk about social media around the following topics:
  1. What is cyber-bullying
  2. What can you do about cyber-bullying
  3. What does the law say
  4. Some tips for staying safe online

Samantha Holman - Presenter

Samantha Holman on how you can keep your chidlren safe on the internet

Sam Holman has been a teacher in the Yarra Valley for nearly 15 years.  She has worked in both primary and secondary settings.  Sam specialises in supporting students with reading difficulties but also has a keen interest in student wellbeing.  Sam is a mother to 3 children, 7, 10 and 21 years old. 

Penny Christie, EACH: Presenter

Penny Christie how to keep your kids safe on the internet cyber safety 

Initially an allied health practitioner, Penny has undertaken two Masters degrees, to enable a greater understanding of approaches to public health and health promotion within a broader health and community landscape.

She has worked in private practice, public and community health and in the acute health setting in a variety of project management roles across different health care specialities. Most recently she managed Foundation 49:  Men’s Health, a men’s health promotion organisation, before joining the team at Gamblers Help Eastern.

Currently her role as a Community engagement coordinator, is to work alongside a great team of passionate counsellors, venue support workers and community educators. The team are committed to raising awareness of the harm caused by gambling and how gambling has become ‘normalised’ as it infiltrates into all aspects of our lives, including our children.

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