Healthy Eating in ISO

Tuesday, 5 May 2020
Healthy Eating in ISO

So many temptations whilst staying at home!  Here are some tips from our dietitian to help us all stay on the right track...


Some of us  are finding that working from home, or staying in isolation, is causing boredom and irritability or stress, resulting far too often in comfort or mindless eating to pass the endless hours. The lack of normal structure to our days can wreak havoc!  Unfortunately the  weight gain, low nutrient intake and other health problems, not to mention the sneaky unhealthy habits, can be hard to break when life goes back to 'normal'.

Don't panic! We are here to help. Here are some  tips straight from Inspiro's expert dietetic team to maintain a healthy diet during these times:

Stick to a routine: When working from home or in isolation, the temptation is often to graze all day long instead of eating regular meals at regular times.

If working from home, try to set up your day like a normal working day.  Take your usual lunchbreak and take the time to eat away from your computer/workspace.  Plan regular breaks with snacks if needed and try not to eat outside of these times. 

Avoid mindless snacking:  With the kitchen now only a few metres away, the temptation is to graze constantly throughout the day.  Here are a few tips to healthy snacking.

👉Ask yourself if you’re actually hungry before snacking rather than eating out of boredom or as a distraction.

👉Have planned, portion-controlled snacks that you’ve prepared in advance, avoid eating out of packets.

👉Keep only healthy food at home- you can’t eat the chocolate or chips it if they’re not in the house 😂

👉Distract yourself if you find you’re eating out of boredom or comfort- for example take a short walk outside


Make meals filling: Focus on preparing  healthy meals which are high in both fibre and protein to help keep you full throughout the day and reduce the need to snack.  Here are a few examples:

✔️Eggs on high wholegrain  toast with added vegetables

✔️Untoasted muesli with extra nuts and seeds or yoghurt

✔️Vegetable soups with legumes added (eg: chickpeas, lentils)

✔️Tinned fish on wholegrain toast


Watch your fluids: 

Similar to snacking, easy accessibility to the kitchen can often lead to drinks such as coffee, juice or soft drinks replacing water intake.  This can increase the total amount of added sugar consumed in the day, and can also negatively affect dental health.

Make water your main drink of choice.  Consider keeping a bottle or jug near you and sip regularly throughout the day to stay hydrated,

Avoid drinking more coffee and tea than you usually would, excessive intake of caffeine can contribute  towards issues such as sleep disturbances and  anxiety.  Your daily sugar intake can also quickly rise if you add sugar to your tea or coffee.

You've got this - these good habits will set you up for a healthy life, iso or no iso. For more information about the dietetic services Inspiro offers, check out our page here:

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