More government support needed for community health

Monday, 16 July 2018
More government support needed for community health

Rosita's health was in a terrible place before she met one of Inspiro's community health nurses at an outreach clinic. 

"Before I felt like I was knocking on doors but they were all closed...My health was out of control, but with Inspiro’s help my feet, teeth, diabetes and mental health are improving. Sharita organised an appointment with the podiatrist, to help with an infection in my feet; the diabetes educator to help with my diabetes; the counsellors and the dentist."


Community health delivers vital services for Victorians, but doesn’t get enough funding or support

Community health services like Inspiro provides access to high-quality health services like dental, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling and community nursing to Victorians, especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable. 

Community health services have a unique understanding of the local communities that we serve. This means we can develop and deliver primary health, human services and community-based support to meet local community need. Community health also plays a vital role in improving Victorians' health and wellbeing, and reducing avoidable hospital admissions. 

However community health has not received much support and has been weakened by funding cuts.

 Community health provides healthcare for Victorians


Much more support is needed from the Victorian government for community health

The Victorian Auditor General Officer’s audit into the Community Health Program, one of the funding streams provided to community health services in Victoria, painted a picture of a sector that punches above its weight, a sector that is creative and dynamic; one that helps vulnerable people and is a trusted partner for government. It also made several recommendations  including reviewing the Community Health Program funding model and distribution to meet the growing population needs (the funding model hasn’t been reviewed since it was implemented in 2007). You can read the Victorian Auditor General Officer’s report here


Stand with community health header


Stand with community health

In the lead up to the Victorian election, Victoria's community health services are are working with the Victorian Health Association to call on the next government to better leverage and support community health services to meet the needs of our clients and communities. The campaign is called Stand with Community Health and is calling on the next Victorian government to:

• Leverage Growth Area Infrastructure Contribution funding to establish new community health centres where the public need them.
• Dedicate $60 million every year to improve outdated facilities.
• Increase funding to enable community health services to keep pace with a growing population.
• Better leverage community health to reduce pressure on Victoria’s public hospital emergency departments.
• Support community health services to provide an even stronger health safety net for vulnerable Victorians.
• Increase public dental funding to reduce wait time, so people can access care when they need it.


How you can stand with community health

Make your voice heard. Stand for access to quality healthcare services for Victorians. Stand for reduced public dental wait times. Stand for a stronger health safety net for vulnerable Victorians.

Speak to your local MP. Head to and sign the petition.