Free youth and young adult counselling and support

Wednesday, 14 February 2018
Free youth and young adult counselling and support


Inspiro has free youth and teen counselling for young adults and high school aged youth located in the Yarra Ranges and the Yarra Valley.  Call us on 97388801.


Being a teen or a young adult can be difficult sometimes and just like adult’s teens can face a huge range of problems and difficulties.


Help dealing with depression, anxiety, bullying, harassment and relationships


Inspiro provides a free youth counselling service for young people aged between 12 to 25 years who may be dealing with depression, anxiety, bullying, harassment, managing relationships or any other issue.


Getting support is helpful


Sometimes we experience difficult challenges and getting support can be helpful. If you’re feeling down, stressed out, angry, anxious or confused, our counsellors can help you gain skills to do things differently and build your confidence.


Counselling is available in multiple locations


Inspiro’s counsellors are available in Lilydale, Healesville, Tecoma and Yarra Junction (Belgrave is available in March). To make an appointment, call 9028 0153   or Click here and we'll get in touch


In addition to this counselling service, Inspiro’s Youth Health Clinic welcomes all teenagers and young adults living in the Yarra Ranges.


Our youth health service enables teens and young adults to discuss any health concerns including sexual health, mental health, body image, nutrition and general healthy living.


Take action and overcome challenges


If you are aged 25 or under and concerned about your health, or if you are a concerned parent who is worried about their child then contact us now. Waiting to take action can often amplify the issue.


Our counsellors can help you address any concerns you may have and help you to overcome challenges.

Some things that you can do

Even though it may sound trivial, eating a good healthy breakfast can make a big difference to your day. Our dietitian Tracey has put together a great breakfast to start your day off here. 

It's always confidential


All consultations are confidential and can be about any aspect of your health, including mental health, sexual health, nutrition and general healthy living.


 Exercise and diet for teens (click here)


How to get in contact with Inspiro - Call 9028 0153


Click here and we'll get in touch

Youth and young adult counselling services at Inspiro are funded by the Yarra Ranges Council.


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