Make sure your child doesn't miss out on our free school dental program

Friday, 17 August 2018
Make sure your child doesn't miss out on our free school dental program


One of Inspiro's main focus areas for health is prevention. Regular visits to the dentist help prevent tooth decay and help children learn to care for their teeth.  Positive dental experiences and visits to the dentist from an early age sets good habits and reduces fear and avoidance of the dentist in future.

Smiles 4 Miles is a free tooth check for children - Inspiro comes out to visit your child's school

In 2016-17 Inspiro aimed to increase the number of children accessing dental services and reach children from a young age (before problems are likely to start: like this case where a mother had to spend thousands on her 4 year olds teeth).  We continued to work with child care centers, kinders and primary schools to provide dental screening for kids.

We also partnered with Maternal Child Health Nurses to encourage a visit to the dentist as part of the two year old check-up, and implemented the Smiles4Miles dental program for preschoolers.

As a result of these initiatives, the number of children who have had a dental screening and the number of children accessing our dental services has increased since 2015-16. See the numbers below for the number of children we visited at primary schools from 2014 -2017.


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Inspiro’s Smiles 4 Miles initiative is a free program implemented in early childhood services to improve the oral health of pre-school aged children and their families. Smiles 4 Miles was developed by Dental Health Services Victoria in response to the alarming rates of tooth decay experienced by young children in Victoria. 

The program utilises a wide-ranging approach by engaging children, their families, educators, staff, management and the broader community to improve children’s health and hygiene. Smiles 4 Miles has three key messages;


  • Drink well (water),
  • Eat well (healthy nutritious foods) 
  • Clean well (clean teeth). 


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To reinforce these key messages Smiles 4 Miles puts in place healthy eating and oral hygiene policies at preschools and incorporates the key messages of healthy eating, drinking and brushing into the curriculum so the children can learn important health messages in a fun and age appropriate way.  

Inspiro treats children from age 0 to age 12 free of charge. Call Inspiro on 9028 0153 to organise an appointment or to check if your children's teeth have any decay. Our dental statistics are well above bench marked averages across the state of Victoria in several key area's. See the slides below.

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Many young children need fillings - and left unchecked the damage can escalate to needing crowns or even teeth removed. Jack was one of the lucky one's who we were able to help before it came worse. Unfortunately we aren't able to visit every school in Australia...  Find out what happened to Jack here.

If we haven't visited your school yet let your school know and ask them to get in contact with us.

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