Fear of the dentist affects one in seven Aussies!

Thursday, 9 August 2018
Fear of the dentist affects one in seven Aussies!

Fear of going to the dentist is one of the biggest anxiety disorders and affects about one in seven Australian adults, making it one of the most prevalent anxiety disorders in the country. Avoiding going to dentist or not going regularly can lead to decayed, damaged and missing teeth. 


Don't let fear ruin your teeth or smile

For some adults, fear of the dentist can be the result of a bad experience as a child. Others are more likely to be afraid of going to the dentist if they consider it to be uncontrollable, unpredictable, or dangerous.

For many years I was one of these adults. I was not just fearful. I was absolutely petrified. The experience which instilled fear into me was a certain dentist appointment in a refugee camp when I was a child. Growing up, we couldn't afford toothpaste and used salt instead. My teeth were so badly decayed that several needed to be pulled out. I remember being held firmly by mum while the dentist pulled seven teeth out. No warning. No distraction. No anaesthetic. I had a gummy smile for a while.

Finding a dentist who was gentle, explained what she was going to do and why, was a major turning point for me. So was having kids and trying to casually show them that going to the dentist was nothing to be scared about (but inside my stomach still churned and my heart pounded).


It's Dental Health Week - a great time to see a dentist

Dental Health Week


If you've been avoiding going to the dentist because you are scared or anxious, there's never been a better time to see a good dentist and getting your health back on track, because it's Dental Health Week. The Australian Dental Association is encouraging everyone to visit their regular dentist, or if you don't have one, to find one and get your oral health back on track. Here's a very good reason for why you shouldn't wait.


Inspiro's dentists and nurses are wonderful at helping patients young and old to feel comfortable and at ease

A visit to the dentist

Whether it's just a check up, cleaning, a filling or something more complex, our dentists are known for their gentleness and kindness. Here is some recent feedback from patients.

" I had a filling done. The staff were absolutely wonderful. I had been very anxious about my appointment but have left with my tooth fixed and feeling calm! I was reassured throughout the procedure and told exactly what was being done leaving me feeling more relaxed. I would like the staff at Inspiro dental to know I am grateful for your service and kindness." A. K.

Food and drink for healthy teeth

"I have a deep fear of dentists, but the dentist and nurse were fabulous!! I felt comfortable and was well informed every step of the way. I am incredibly thankful you have two wonderful professional staff members." J.T.

"Thank you very much to the dentist and nurse. both were so wonderful with my 7 year old daughter who was very anxious about getting a filling. They calmed her down and were so wonderful, calming and patient with her. Thank you." M.B.


Call 9028 0153 to make an appointment with one of our dentists today.

Did you know that Inspiro offers free dental for children 12 years old and under? It's another great reason to book an appointment for the whole family.

Free teeth check and dental work for children in the Yarra Ranges




Inspiro has a free teeth screening and check for children (age 0 - 12) in the Yarra Ranges. Currently Inspiro dentists attend primary schools and pre schools all over the Yarra Ranges but we recommend you bring your child in well before pre-school age for their first (free) dental check-up. This may help you to avoid spending thousands of dollars on expensive mouth surgery in later years.

 Free teeth checkup and dental for kids

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