The 'F' Word... Family issues. Financial strain. Fights. And feeling freaking overwhelmed

Monday, 28 May 2018
The 'F' Word... Family issues. Financial strain. Fights. And feeling freaking overwhelmed

Due to our family’s financial situation, there were years when my parents and I had to live with relatives. Often, I shared a room with my parents. At times it was extremely stressful, awkward and uncomfortable. I felt like I was suffocating with no privacy – everyone was in each other’s face giving their opinions on every little thing. Tension often boiled into fights with my parents and between my parents.


There wasn’t enough money for nice furniture or clothes. Some weeks there wasn’t enough money for food. Hunger was a frequent friend.

I was too embarrassed and ashamed to talk to my friends about our family situation and did everything I could to appear normal. They must have wondered why I never invited them over and always seemed to get  anxiety attacks when they suggested meeting at my place.  I often felt stressed out. It affected my emotional well-being and mental health. There were days when I hated my life and wished I was someone else.

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I certainly couldn’t talk to my parents about how I was feeling and how it affected my self-esteem and confidence. They already had enough to worry about, and were doing the best they could. I didn’t think they would understand anyway.

Family problems, stress and mental health


Looking back, I wish I had found the courage to ask for help; to talk to someone like my best friend’s mum, a teacher or counsellor. Just having someone who would listen to me without fear or judgement would have been good. I’m sure they would have been able to help me cope better, deal with anxiety, and feel better about myself.

Your family problems may be similar or very different to mine. Either way, it’s tough to carry the burden and struggle alone. There is something you can do about it. Support is available. Asking for help can feel really hard, but it's worth it.

Inspiro offers free youth and counselling to young people living, working or studying in the Yarra Ranges. You can make an appointment with a caring counsellor by calling 9738 8801.

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