Emergency help for families in hardship and crisis

Monday, 28 May 2018
Emergency help for families in hardship and crisis

 It may not be obvious, but many families in Victoria are doing it tough, much tougher than most of us realise, so tough that 1 in 10 are living below the poverty line.

in 10 Australians live in poverty. Many are children

There are nearly three million people living below the poverty line in Australia (13.3% of Australians). For a single adult this means living on $426.30 a week or less; and for a couple with 2 children, $895.22 a week or less.

One in six children under the age of 15 lives in poverty in Australia, and between 2012 and 2014 the poverty rates increased for children living in single parent families1. .

Families doing it tough can’t afford  the essentials

living in poverty, financial crisis, single parent families

People living in poverty face financial hardship with not enough money to pay for shelter, food, and bills. Families may go without meals, heating and other essentials. The colder seasons like winter are especially tough. Many more families are just one or two steps away from living in poverty: losing a job, domestic violence, a major illness, separation/divorce, homelessness…

Families often turn to social, welfare and emergency relief services for help.

Dandenong Ranges Emergency Relief Services supports struggling families

For families in the South-West side of the Yarra Ranges Council, around Belgrave and surrounding hills suburbs, the Dandenong Ranges Emergency Relief Service is there to help. Dandenong Ranges Emergency Relief Service is a non-profit charitable organisation. Every month they help approximately 100 adults and 40-60 children.

Depending on your situation, 
they may be able to provide:

  • Food/food vouchers
  • Clothing vouchers
  • Payment of prescriptions
  • Payment of small essential bills
  • Help with household goods
  • Support, advocacy and referrals

The Dandenong Ranges Emergency Relief Service runs Mi Place Drop-In Centre from the new Belgrave Hub, providing lunch, a friendly place and a hot shower. They also run a School Breakfast Program, providing breakfast for children at a local school to alleviate hunger.

You can contact Dandenong Ranges Emergency Relief Service on 9754 7777.

Belgrave reception Inspiro

Inspiro provides low cost dental care and counselling for struggling and at risk people

If you are homeless, at risk of losing your home or under the care of a mental health worker, you are eligible for low cost dental health care at Inspiro. Youth and young adult counselling (funding provided by Yarra Ranges Council), plus family and drug and alcohol counselling is free.

We also offer a wide range of low fee health care services like physiotherapy, podiatry and exercise physiology, and access to a No Interest Loans Scheme.

To book an appointment for services, call Inspiro on 9028 0153

1. Source: ACOSS, Poverty in Australia Report, 2016

Inspiro has just opened in Belgrave, see the new building and find out about Inspiro's Belgrave services here.