Drug, alcohol and addiction counselling services at Inspiro

Thursday, 27 June 2019
Drug, alcohol and addiction counselling services at Inspiro

Inspiro has free drug, alcohol and addiction counselling services  To find out more call us on 9028 0153. For most people, reaching out and asking for help is often a brave and difficult first step

Are you concerned about your own or somebody you knows drug or alcohol use?

Don’t wait to get help - for them or yourself (we have a support group for partners and family and friends here). Inspiro’s drug and alcohol counselling services are here to assist you with the care and advice you need and both of our addiction counsellors understand

Coping with a drug or alcohol problem on your own is difficult. Our counsellors can help you put a plan in place and give you techniques to manage a change for the better. If you need more dedicated support, we can refer you to a specialist service

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It’s causing issues with your relationships

Alcohol and drug problems can be the source of many relationship problems. DirectLine can provide advice on how to manage your alcohol or drug problem, and also refer you to specialist relationship and family support services.

You regret things you’ve said or done under the influence

If you’ve often had regrets about things you’ve said or done while drinking or using drugs, it may be an indicator that you need some help. Talk to a counsellor about your drug and alcohol use and help take stock of your situation.

You’re not feeling physically or mentally healthy

Alcohol and drugs can take a toll on your mind and body. If you’re not feeling healthy or have medical problems relating to your drinking or drug use, we can connect you with a support service that’s right for you.


Counselling for depression, anxiety and stress (click here)

Our counsellors can help to uncover underlying issues that may be trigger for addition

Inspiro offers drug and alcohol counselling to those facing addiction and their families. This service is offered in Lilydale, Belgrave and Healesville.

After either experiencing addiction themselves or having family members close to them go through struggle with addiction, Benn and Megan both understand just how hard it can be to overcome.

No Judgement

Our compassionate counsellors are there to listen to your story with a non-judgmental ear.

Support groups and programs for residents of the Yarra Ranges

  • Stop Smoking Service

Do you want to quit smoking but you’re finding it difficult? Our staff can help you to quite, teach you about nicotine replacement and give you strategies that will boost your chance of success.

Call us now on 03 9028 0153 to book an appointment. Read more here.

  • Medication Support Service to prevent pharmaceutical drug overdose

Inspiro community health provides a Medication Support Service program aimed at preventing pharmaceutical drug overdose, for referrals phone the Medication Support Service on 03 9810 3084. Learn more about our Medication Support Service program here.

  • Inspiro’s needle and syringe program

A free needle and disposal service, also offering referral to other health and community services if required. This program is offered at our centre located in Lilydale.

  • New Inspiro health service in Belgrave + opening hours increased

The Belgrave Community Hub, located at 1616-1624 Burwood Highway, Belgrave , is home to Inspiro Belgrave, provider of essential health services to the local community, is now open longer and for two additional days per week. Find out more.

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