Services and groups from our diabetes educators and nurses

Thursday, 26 July 2018
Services and groups from our diabetes educators and nurses

Inspiro offers a range of services and groups from our diabetes educators and nurses, including our Stop Smoking classes, Better Health Better Me program, Diabetes Education and more. Services are provided at both Inspiro Lilydale and Inspiro Belgrave. If you have any further questions feel free to call us on 9028 0153 for assistance.

Inspiro's diabetes education and nurse based programs

Stop Smoking Service

This is a support service for anyone thinking about quitting smoking. The cost is $20 and includes an initial assessment and follow up appointments. Find out more here.

Better Health, Better Me Program

This is a free service for people who need support to manage their health. It is a 12 month, goal setting service focused on healthy living. Click here or call 9028 0153 to find out more.

Diabetes Education

One on one sessions with a diabetes educator to help people with diabetes manage their condition. Find out more here.
Learn more about Inspiro's diabetes education services here: Diabetes education at Inspiro

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Diabetes Annual Cycle of Care Clinic

This service is for people with Type 2 diabetes who wish to complete their annual cycle of care screenings all in one place at one time. This unique service allows you to see a dietitian, a diabetes educator, a podiatrist and an exercise physiologist in the same 2 hour appointment. The cost is $10 and no referral is necessary. An assessment appointment with our community health nurse is required before attending the clinic, unless you have attended previously.

Group programs:

Understanding Diabetes course

This is a four session program (2hrs per week) about how to manage diabetes. It includes talks by a diabetes nurse educator, dietitian, podiatrist, dentist, optician and physiotherapist. The cost is $7 per session. Find out more here.

More information

  • *Allied health services are $10 for low income clients.
  • Clients can refer themselves directly to us or your GP or Nurse can send a letter requesting services. All clinicians send reports back to your GP.

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