Inspiro's new dental screening dragon gets a name!

Friday, 31 May 2019
Inspiro's new dental screening dragon gets a name!

Inspiro Dental hygienists Brooke and Cathy make up our dental screening team. Brooke and Cathy love visiting schools all around the Yarra Ranges to check children's teeth (find out more about what they do here). 

Brooke Dragon naming contest winner

Not long ago Brooke and Cathy excitedly announced the arrival of their new dental screening healthy teeth Dragon. It didn't take long before they realised that the new healthy teeth dragon needed a name, so they set up a competition to name him.

The competition was open to the public at the Belgrave Open Day and a winner was announced yesterday. Our winner was  4 year old Alessandra, with Blueberry being the winning name that Allessandra came up with all on her own.

Brooke doing teeth screening and education at a local school

Brooke Dragon naming contest

Alessandra received a $50- Cameo cinema voucher and took some photos with Brooke after she was told she had won the naming contest.

Congratulations to Alessandra! 




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Blueberry the Inspiro teeth screening dragon

Inspiro teeth dragon