Counselling for depression, anxiety and stress

Monday, 22 April 2019
Counselling for depression, anxiety and stress
Are you having difficulty making sense of depression, pain or stress and feeling like you’re stuck? You’re not alone. depression, anxiety and stress are real issues that effect a surprisingly large percentage of society.

Counselling for depression, anxiety and stress can help

There are more people suffering from depression than alcohol and drug use disorders combined.

Without the proper understanding or knowledge, people who suffer from depression can feel alone and helpless. But they’re not, because millions of people in the world struggle with this mood disorder in their everyday lives.

Feeling helpless or trapped
A common feeling that accompanies depression is that of being trapped in an intolerable situation. The depressed person can often see two alternatives, neither of which is possible, and without change the existing situation is too painful.

Feeling anxious

Anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried. Anxious feelings are a normal reaction to a situation where you feel under pressure

However, for some people these anxious feelings happen for no apparent reason or continue after the stressful event has passed.

For a person experiencing anxiety, anxious feelings cannot be brought under control easily. Anxiety can be a serious condition that makes it difficult for you to cope with daily life.

counselling for anxiety, stress and depression

There are multiple kinds of anxiety

It is important to note that many people with anxiety experience symptoms of more than one type of anxiety. Anxiety is common, but the sooner you get help, the sooner you can learn to control your anxiety.

Beyond Blue classifies the different types of anxiety we can face as:

  • Generalised anxiety disorder: This means that you likely feel anxious on most days, and you have been worrying about lots of different things, for a period of six months or more
  • Social anxiety
  • Specific phobias
  • Panic disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) ...
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
The most common forms of phobia in Australia include

  • Claustrophobia: Fear of being in constricted, confined spaces.
  • Aerophobia: Fear of flying.
  • Arachnophobia: Fear of spiders.
  • Driving phobia: Fear of driving a car.
  • Emetophobia: Fear of vomiting.
  • Erythrophobia: Fear of blushing.
  • Hypochondria: Fear of becoming ill.

Depression and anxiety faced by men - risk factors

Depression and anxiety are among the most common health conditions experienced by men in Australia. Different things can cause depression and anxiety for different men, and sometimes it can be due to things building up over time. Men often don't talk about the issues they are facing so it can be a surprise to learn that most men have dealt with depression at some point in their lives, or are currently dealing with depression right now.

See the most common risk factors for depression in men here.

Counselling for depression, pain, anxiety and stress


Helping to make sense of depression, pain or stress
It is common when you are depressed to feel helpless and feel as though you have little control over things. Our trained psychologists can help you make sense of what you are going through.
Sharing your story is therapeutic
Sharing your story with a nonjudgmental counsellor who understands and respects you can be amazingly therapeutic.
Inspiro has experienced and caring therapists practised in working with families, couples and individuals and we are here for you.

Reaching out and taking the first step

Reaching out and asking for help is often a brave and difficult first stepThere are many reasons that people seek out therapy. We work to create a safe and supportive environment for all of our clients, so that they may begin to explore and understand themselves, their feelings, and their way of relating to others.

dealing with depression anxiety and stress

Our clinicians care about you feeling better

Because we care about our clients we have dedicated clinicians who will work with you in navigating life changes and transitions. We are all unique so discovery of uniquely personal symptoms is paramount.

If you feel you have symptoms of depression, grief from loss or anxiety contact Inspiro immediately on 9028 0153

Counselling and psychology is available at Lilydale, Healesville, Belgrave and Yarra Junction

Education and counselling is the first step to dealing with depression, anxiety and stress. Understanding the different types of depression, stress and anxiety and their causes and symptoms is important.  

Call now to discuss or make an appointment with Inspiro’s counsellors who specialise in helping people with depression, anxiety and stress: 9028 0153 or Click here and we'll get in touch.

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Our clinicians’ approach to therapy values your needs

Our approach values the unique needs of each client, and we’ll work with you to establish goals that are meaningful and attainable. Many of our clients come to us feeling stuck after having tried other ways of coping that just aren't working.

Getting help shows you’re strong

It shows great strength that you're interested in getting help. Together we'll chart a path forward that can help make you feel whole again and meet your goals. I look forward to talking with you!


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About Inspiro psychologist Louisa 

Louisa is a registered Psychologist and an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society.
She offers over 15 years experience counselling adults in a variety of settings, and recently completed Post Graduate qualifications in Family Therapy. 

With a focus on promoting insight and understanding, Louisa supports her clients in gaining control of their lives, amidst the vast range of issues that life presents.

mean girls make your daughters life hell

Louisa has experience across a broad range of mental health, with a special interest in Anxiety and Depression, Loss and Grief, Peri Natal Depression, Social Anxiety, Social skills, adults with High Functioning ASD/Asperger’s and family counselling. Find out more about the counselling Louisa offers for depression, anxiety and stress here.

Louisa offers therapy, counselling and psychology services.

  • Individual counselling for adults
  • Family counselling for all families
  • Reasonably priced services, with rebates available with a GP Mental Health Care Plan
  • Limited bulk billed appointments available for people with a health care card. Wait times may apply
  • Appointments available Weekdays 9am - 5pm and Tuesday evenings by arrangement - Higher rates may apply

Inspiro psychologist Louisa Cleland - Find out more about Louisa here

Louisa Cleland Inspiro Psychologist


Call us on 9028 0153.

More about Inspiro’s services:

Inspiro is a local, not-for-profit health service. We offer free counselling and excellent rates on psychology counselling.
Inspiro have general, family counselling, drug and alcohol counselling, counselling for anxiety, depression, loss and grief, Peri Natal depression help, counselling for social anxiety and development of social skills, adults with high functioning ASD/Asperger’s, youth counselling, help with eating disorders and more.

Inspiro also offers dental services, podiatry, speech therapy, dietetics and nutrition, diabetes assistance, physiotherapy and more.

See more about the counselling Inspiro offers here


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