Community Outreach Perinatal Support Service and SMS4Families program

Friday, 9 February 2018
Community Outreach Perinatal Support Service and SMS4Families program

 What is the Community Outreach Perinatal Support Service?

  • The Community Outreach Perinatal Support Service (COPSS) is a counselling and support program offered to new and expectant parents who may be dealing with or at risk of, perinatal depression
  • The service is offered across the Eastern and Northern regions of Melbourne
  • The service provides a mix of face to face, online and digital support services based on your needs and preferences

How does the service work? Community Outreach Perinatal Support Service

There are two different service streams:

  • 1. SMS4Families is a free telephone messaging service for new and expectant parents The messages provide information, encouragement and support, based on the developmental stage of your baby. Each parent will get different messages. The service is being operated by the University of Newcastle as a research project and builds on the success of the SMS4Dads program.
  • 2. The second stream provides counselling support services for parents at risk of, or experiencing perinatal depression


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How do I access the service?

The primary way to access the perinatal support service is via referral.


  • Mums and dads at risk of, or experiencing perinatal depression can be referred directly to Carrington Health. You don’t need a referral to access these services you can refer yourself
  • Referrals may come from GPs, Maternal and Child Health Nurses, other health professionals, families, friends and self referrals
  • All people referred to Carrington Health will be supported to enrol in the SMS4Families program, unless they choose not to


Coping with pregnancy and a new baby

  • Pregnancy and adjusng to a new baby is rewarding but also brings changes and challenges. While some days will be better than others, for some parents each day is a struggle
  • If you feel sad, down, numb and empty, with no interest in your baby, other people or things you used to enjoy you may find this service useful
  • This service is suitable for mums and dads



Counselling support services

  • Face to face counselling
  • Support to access online programs such as Mum Mood Booster, with regular follow up
  • Phone support
  • Referral and liaison with other services

After hours service is available


Location of Service

  • Services can be accessed at a number of sites across the Eastern and Northern region including Box Hill, Ashburton, Ringwood, Doncaster, Hawthorn, Kinglake and Wallan
  • All referrals go via Carrington Health and referrals will be screened to ensure clients are referred to the appropriate level of care


Other community health services that are involved are:

  • Nexus Primary Health
  • Inspiro
  • Access Health & Community
  • Link Health & Community
  • HealthAbility


How to access the service and where to find us

To find out more call (03) 9890 2220 or Click here and we'll get in touch


Carrington Health is located at 43 Carrington Road Box Hill VIC 3128, close to Box Hill Train Station. Car parking is available across the road at Box Hill Centro Shopping Centre.



There is no cost for this service


Community Outreach Perinatal Support Service

Incorporang the SMS4Families program Tel: (03) 9890 2220

Click here to see the SMS4 Families brochure:.

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