A lifetime of emotional eating sucks - this is how I got my life back

Tuesday, 30 October 2018
A lifetime of emotional eating sucks - this is how I got my life back

I have always been an emotional eater. It’s just been so normal for me for so long, I figured I had no will power and I was just lazy. Feeling angry, I would eat chocolate, stressed, I would go for the chips, or tired I just ate. With a few too many kilo-joules I decided I needed to do something. Dieting certainly hadn’t worked and I was losing hope.

emotional eater

So I did something.

A friend who had gone through the exact same feelings and issues as me told me about a surprisingly cheap program that had helped her.

With nothing to lose I started the program and very quickly I learnt how to eat more mindfully; I have now learnt so much about my emotions and my environment and how they relate to my eating. It showed me how emotions, thoughts and behaviours can all have a strong impact on each other.  

In other words, how you think can affect how you behave and you feel, how you feel can affect how you behave and how you think, how you behave can affect how you feel and think …. And so on

Cognitive triangle

I can now see so many examples of this all around me...

Getting in the car with my girlfriend Margi when she is in a hurry and especially when late for an appointment, is a nightmare. There was this time we were running 15 minutes late and had no idea where we were going to park.  She was clearly angry and stressed and while she was thinking out loud  “Can’t believe I am so lazy, what if they can’t see me because I'm late...?” she was also yelling at cars in front of us to get out of the way, she was speeding a little bit too much, her driving was very erratic.

I know too that if I am rushed and feeling stressed my driving behaviour is affected

This is similar with food and emotions. Whenever my friend Jane was on a very strict diet she would go out or to a party and of course food would be everywhere. She would complain that she couldn’t have anything but you could tell she wanted some, even just a taste.  She would regret coming but then finally feeling angry and left out she would give in and say “oh well, it’s ruined now, may as well go all out”.

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After that she would eat more than ever. 

Being more in control of your eating and your emotions around food is possible.

The Mindful Eating and Craving Change helped me with lots of strategies, my favourite is the 80/20 rule (I am still going with 90/10 but that is just me). I can’t eat perfectly all the time, learning how to make some modifications and be a little bit more flexible has helped me stick to eating healthy more often and I don’t feel guilty when I treat myself. 

But, now my number of treats has reduced and I have lost 3 kilo so far

I have also learnt to be more aware of my triggers, now when I am arguing with my sister on the phone, I no longer stand in the kitchen. This alone has stopped me from heaps of snacking. I also started eating a healthy breakfast that starts me off on the right foot everyday. It helps me to feel good about my day. 

mindful eating

There was so much more I learnt I couldn’t possibly write it all down.  Attending the course has been a life changer for me.  I loved it and recommend it to everyone. I am now more in control of my eating.  It doesn’t control me.  I have encouraged Jane to attend.  

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