A life with no teeth - Fred's story

Thursday, 27 September 2018
A life with no teeth - Fred's story

Fred is a senior who lives frugally from one week to the next on his disability pension. His health had been declining for many years. He has several chronic health issues including diabetes, bad arthritis and pain in his arms and legs. But the thing that affected and bothered Fred the most was his teeth, or lack of.

Chronic health issues


“My issue was that I hadn’t had any teeth for four years.”


No teeth or dentures made it extremely difficult for Fred to eat properly and to talk. It also affected his self-esteem terribly, and he would find himself avoiding social situations. Unfortunately, Fred couldn’t afford to see a dentist, until a neighbour told him about Inspiro’s low cost dental service.


No teeth for four years


After an initial dental check-up and x-rays taken of his jaw, Fred had several more appointments. He had impressions and moulds taken of his gums so that a custom-fitting tray could be made for the new teeth. The dentist then fitted the dentures in Fred’s mouth and adjusted the dentures to make sure they fitted properly.




Fred was very pleased with how the dentures have improved his life. “Within 12 months of going to Inspiro, I had a complete set of dentures which I’m very happy with.” Fred was also referred to other Inspiro services and group programs for his chronic health illnesses. “Inspiro has helped me so much. Especially with my self-esteem and confidence.”


Inspiro provides a public (no-fee or low-fee) dental service
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Our six chair dental clinic offers quality, affordable dental care for the whole family. Help keep your family's teeth healthy and happy with high quality, affordable dental care from Inspiro. We welcome everyone, including those with or without health care and pensioner concession cards and private health insurance (we offer on the spot claims).

Inspiro provides a public (no-fee or low-fee) dental service for:

  • Pensioners, Concession and Health Care card holders and their dependents
  • All children aged 12 years and under


Our dental services include:

  • Emergency care
  • Check-ups, cleaning and preventative care
  • General care
  • Dentures
  • Advice for healthy teeth
  • Referrals to specialist care


We also offer a private (fee-paying) dental service with no wait-list.

We offer a 10% discount off our private dental services for seniors, health care and pensioner concession card holders (not including dentures, crowns and bridges).

Everyone is welcome. Call us today on 9028 0153

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