Spend 5 minutes with our community nurse

Tuesday, 10 May 2022
Spend 5 minutes with our community nurse

For International Nurses Day, we’re celebrating the incredible work these frontliners do. Especially our very own community nurse Vicki!  In this Q&A, she chats about what she does and what she loves most about her role. (Read to the end for a little insight into her taste in TV series!)

What services do you provide at Inspiro? 

I am a community health nurse and midwife. I work across a few programs at Inspiro.

These include Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies - a state-funded program that supports pregnant women and families who are experiencing challenges. This support can be phone calls, home visits, transport or accessing maternal aid. Each family we support has differing needs.

Another program I work with is Smoking Cessation. I work with clients on an individual level to provide support in the journey to become a non smoker.

I also provide information and education to clients in areas of Sexual Health. This may be advice on contraception options, menopausal symptoms or how to talk to the GP about sexual health testing.

As a Community Health Nurse, my role changes and I cover other areas as required. In the past years some of this has included Covid-19 pathways work or working in the IDEAS diabetes clinic.

Why did you become a nurse?

I didn’t always aspire to be a nurse. I grew up in rural Victoria and I looked at options when I finished secondary school. My sister had become a nurse and I and decided it would work for me too - and it did!

Your best healthcare advice?

Always remember the link between physical and mental health. Both are really important.

Also, keep trying. If a strategy doesn’t work for you, try a different way and you WILL find something that works. For example, if a walk around the block is too much, start with walking to the footpath or front yard.

What's the best part about being a nurse?

For me, the best part has always been that I can do a variety of work and so I never tire of my work. I really enjoy talking to people and being able to work together to figure out what they need. This covers all the programs that I work in.

And finally, if you had to choose - Grey's Anatomy or ER?

Grey's Anatomy every time! I'll show my age if I tell you I watched it the first time around!